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Detecting Breast Cancer Might Now Be Easier With Underwater Imaging Tech

A technique used for finding damage in underwater marine structures may be the most successful breakthrough in breast cancer detection yet.

This Man is Designing an App That Can Detect Toxins in Drinking Water

With a simple, but accurate user-friendly design, this app has the potential to save millions of lives by identifying fluoride and salinity in water.

“Spiking” Water Supply With Cleansing Agent Could Prevent Multitude of Diseases

This super protein may be able to stop outbreak-causing bacterial diseases that are transmittable through drinking water.

These Teens Developed a Seed That Can Cleanse Polluted Water

They may be young, but these Brazilian students are doing big things with their magic water-filtering seed that won them the Google Science Fair award.

Watch This 4-Person Human Chain Save Woman From Raging Floodwaters

Onlookers were sure that this rescue operation was going to end in tragedy but these courageous men weren't about to let that happen.

WATCH Kangaroo That Never Learned to Swim, Hop Through Floodwaters

A man who works at the Department of Transport in Queensland, Australia, was surveying flooded streets and came upon a sight he just had to share.

World’s Largest Vertical Farm Near NYC Uses 95% Less Water and No Pesticides

In the middle of America’s most urban metropolitan area, the world’s largest vertical farm is about to deliver its first harvest of sweet, leafy...

People Form Human Chain to Rescue Dog from Raging Waters (WATCH)

When they spotted a dog trapped in a reservoir's flood channel, a group of people had to work hard and cleverly to get him out— and a video caught the action.

UPDATE: Sheriff Adopts the Dog That Was Chained to Porch in Rising Floodwaters

A dog rescued from rising flood waters has a new home with the Texas sheriff that has been saving the animals, lives and property...

News Crew Rescues Dog Chained to Porch in Rising Floodwaters (WATCH)

A television crew in Houston, Texas rescued a dog left chained to a front porch last week as floodwaters surged to record levels. //

Bridesmaid Marches into the Water to Save Gosling Being Drowned By a Swan

The lake water may have ruined her gown but it's a small price to pay for the life of an adorable baby bird.

Man Digs Well in 40 Days For His Wife After She’s Denied Water, Whole Town Benefits

A man just proved his whole village wrong by doing what was considered impossible, in a determined frenzy that neighbors called crazy. After his wife...

Using Seawater for Heating, Arctic Research Center Dumps Fossil Fuels

A research center dedicated to studying Arctic marine ecology has taken a giant leap toward protecting the environment — switching from fossil fuels to...

Origami Girls Get Water, Tears Flowing for Navajo Family Who Never Had Faucet (WATCH)

Two little girls help a Navajo family get running water in this video that will turn on your water works (so, have a tissue...

They Can’t Walk But They Can Dive – Disabled are Freed Underwater (WATCH)

EK Lim envisioned giving persons with disabilities an opportunity to experience the sea–something that is almost impossible because boats and beaches are not so...

Thirsty Koala Sits On a Bicycle to Get Water From Cyclists (LOOK)

These Australian cyclists were joined by a surprisingly spry little companion while journeying through Adelaide on Tuesday. A koala by the side of the South Eastern...

Drink 1 to 3 Extra Cups Of Water Daily For Weight Loss, Health – Study

For people who want to control their weight or reduce their intakes of sugar, sodium and saturated fat, water may be just what the...

Watch The Wild Mardi Gras Festivities Unfold In a Mouthwatering Montage

If you've never been in New Orleans before Fat Tuesday, check out this wonderful video of festivities from Saturday. You'll want to pack your bags.

Carolina Man To Drive 900 Miles With Truckload of Water for Flint (WATCH)

Following the charity efforts of stars like Pearl Jam, Cher, and The Game, one man in a city far away is joining the ranks...

370 Union Plumbers Volunteered to Install Water Filters in Flint For Free

An army of 300 union plumbers from across the state and country joined local workers to fan out across Flint, Michigan to update faucets for residents in...