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Scientists Growing Rice With Seawater Could Feed ‘Entire Arab World’

The successful harvest of this saltwater rice in Dubai could promise to be a solution for food shortages around the world.

Five Tips On How You Can Help the Homeless This Winter

There are plenty of challenges and obstacles that homeless people must overcome to survive – and it becomes even harder during the upcoming winter months.

10 Ways to Make the World a Better Place With Your Better Half

What better way to bond with your significant other than teaming up to make the world a better place?

‘More Reliable’ New Form of Digital Analysis May Help to Eliminate Animal Testing

Testing chemicals, medicines, and cosmetics on animals may soon be a thing of the past thanks to this new, “more reliable” approach. A recently published...

Did You Know Cows Have Close Friendships and Hold Grudges? (And Other Fun Facts)

Here some fun facts about bovines and a few tips on how you can appreciate heifers on this most udderly delightful holiday.

Rescuers Chase and Finally Save Endangered Bird Suffering With Bound Beak

A team of dedicated rescuers have finally caught up to an endangered bird that had been struggling with a plastic ring around its beak...

Be the Last to Speak and 10 Other Rules to Achieve Greatness

Communication is a two-way street – and while “be a good listener” is a good lesson to learn, there is a lot more to it than that.

Solar-Powered, Weed-Killing Robots Could Save Farmers Billions of Dollars on Herbicides

Instead of charging farmers money for blindly spraying an entire crop field with herbicide, these autonomous robots are ready to disrupt a multi-billion dollar agrochemical industry.

Town Has Uncanny Knack for Kindness in a Pinch, From Hurricane Weddings to Rescuing Lost Planes

When this compassionate town orchestrated a wedding for two hurricane evacuees, the groom said: “If I had a car, I wouldn’t leave. I love it here.”

Self-Driving, 3D-Printed Boats Could Free Up Traffic Congestion by Sailing on City Waterways

If you're distrustful of self-driving cars carrying people, what about these autonomous boats that can free up traffic congestion by ferrying goods?

California Becomes First State to Feed Chronically Ill With Specially Prescribed Meals

The “Food is Medicine” initiative launched in California, making it the first state to have a pilot program that will use food to help treat chronically ill patients.

Student Proves We Can Grow Millions of Pounds of Food By Planting it on Top of Trash

This young lady may have just found the solution to food insecurity – and while it may not sound very appetizing, it's pretty ingenious.

Aging Chefs Find a Way to Serve, Instead of Slaving on Their Feet for Long Hours

Instead of enduring the back-breaking pains of working in a stressful restaurant environment, professional chefs can now cook with you thanks to Cozymeal.

Record-breaking Water Purifier Made of Paper Could Bring Clean Water to Desperate Areas

The researchers developed the device by revolutionizing an ancient technique that was first described by Aristotle more than 2,000 years ago.

Before They Went on Strike, Teachers Packed Lunches to Make Sure Kids Wouldn’t Miss a Meal

West Virginia educators weren't about to go on strike without ensuring that their low-income students were taken care of first.

Don’t Wait For Your Best Friend to Pass: Learn From Henry and Shift to a Life That Fulfills You

My friend Henry and I grew up not far from each other in the same town. He was one of my closest friends. Our lives...

7 Simple Steps to Financial Freedom

If you're an average joe who needs some comprehensive advice on where to invest your money, then Tony Robbins has some tips for you.

Now You Can Learn a Language While You Wait For WiFi

The apps harness “micro-moments” of your life for learning – like when you're waiting for your social media pages to load.

Couple Leaves Wall Street to Start Ride Service for Chemo Patients After Mom’s Death

As a means of honoring his late mother, Zach Bolster and his wife ditched their Wall Street careers and started the Chemocars nonprofit instead.

The Power of Broke: ‘You are going to fail more than you succeed’

Title: The Power of Broke in Building Your Business The Lesson: Trying to run a business without any money can be very frustrating, but the...