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Amazing Video Shows Special Needs Teen Walking For the First Time in 8 Years

A special needs youth didn't walk for eight years until a physical trainer from Special Strong gave him the encourage he needed to walk on his own.

For the First Time in the US, Surgeons Pump New Life into Dead Donor Heart for Life-Saving Transplant

The revived heart was successfully transplanted into a military veteran who is now faring quite well after the surgery, according to Duke University.

MIT Researchers Believe They‘ve Developed a New Treatment for Easing the Passage of Kidney Stones

There are not that many treatments for kidney stones—but MIT researchers believe they have found a new way to make passing stones faster and less painful.

Discovery of ‘Tendon Stem Cells’ Could Revolutionize How We Recover From Injuries

Muscle injuries that can currently spell the end of an athletic career may soon be a thing of the past thanks to this latest medical breakthrough.

Revolutionary New Arm Cast is Waterproof, Breathable, and Itch-Free

In addition to being more hygienic and stylish than traditional casts, they are also far less harrowing to remove once the limb has healed.

Good News in History, November 13

Happy 50th Birthday to Scottish actor Gerard Butler, who gave up on being an attorney after he realized he had no interest in something...

After Miracle Baby Wakes From Coma Smiling At His Dad, Thousands Rally to Help Save His Life

Just after this 14-week-old baby awoke from a coma, he smiled at his dad—and his heart-melting expression has raised thousands of dollars for his treatment.

In World First, Tiger Will Be Given Prosthetic Limb to Live Out His Life Pain-Free

A tiger that was rescued from a poacher’s trap in India will now be the first big cat to get a prosthetic leg after it developed gangrene and lived in pain for years.

In Helping His Dad With Diabetes, Young Mexican Chemist Pioneers Healthy—and Cheap—Sugar Substitute

When 18-year old Javier Larragoiti was told his father had been diagnosed with diabetes, the young man, who had just started studying chemical engineering...

Did You Know Your Pet Can Donate Blood to Save the Life of Another Dog or Cat in Need?

There are currently only a handful of blood donation centers for pets in America, but those donations from cats and dogs have helped save hundreds of lives.

Long-Term Study Shows Deep Brain Stimulation is Effective Treatment for Most Severe Form of Depression

Over the course of the study's eight-year follow-ups, the treatment was shown to be an “effective and robust” therapy for treatment-resistant depression.

Ultrasound Imaging Finally Gets an Upgrade As Scientists Improve the Quality by 10x

Scientists have unveiled a new technique using a super-resolution ultrasound method that improves resolution by 5 to 10 times compared to standard ultrasound images. The...

‘Breakthrough’ Device Restores Visual Perception to the Blind So They Can See Light and Motion

This “breakthrough” device has now helped to restore vision for 6 people who have gone blind as a result of sickness or injury—and it could help many more.

Tiny Fish Weighing 0.03 Ounces is in Good Health After Reportedly Becoming Smallest Surgical Patient in UK

This tiny pet fish weighing just 1 gram (0.03 ounces) is recovering nicely after undergoing surgery for a tumor that was found on its belly.

Researchers Conclude First-Ever Clinical Human Trial Using a Natural Hydrogel to Repair Heart Tissue

There are an estimated 785,000 new heart attack cases in the United States each year, with no established treatment for repairing the resulting damage...

Father Uses Scuba Therapy to Restore His Paralyzed Son’s Motor Function—And Now It’s Doing the Same for Others

After David Lawrence Jr. became paralyzed from the neck down, his father found an unlikely therapy to help him regain his motor function.

Dad Develops New Treatment for Peanut Allergies With Almost No Side Effects After Son Suffers Severe Reaction

The treatment, which is now awaiting FDA-approval, could be a groundbreaking new form of therapy for children and adults with severe peanut allergies.

Blind Man Develops Smart Cane That Uses Google Maps and Sensors to Identify One’s Surroundings

The walking stick has finally been given a modern makeover thanks to some Turkish engineers who developed a smart cane for the blind.

Comcast Representative Saves Man From a Stroke Moments After He Dialed the Customer Service Line

This 65-year-old man may not have survived a recent stroke if it had not been for a Comcast representative who he had called only moments before.

Inspired by Husband’s Cancer Diagnosis, Woman Devotes Website to Telling Other People’s Stories of Resilience

​Back in 2016, Janet Fanaki's family was hit with the devastating news that her husband Adam had been diagnosed with glioblastoma, the most aggressive...