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Minutes After Saying ‘I Do’, Hero Groom Jumps Into the Ocean to Save Drowning Teen

If Cindy Edwards had any doubts about the character of her husband, they must have been cleared up immediately when he rescued the boy from the ocean.

Watch 2-Year-old ‘Burrito Girl’ Bring Handmade Breakfasts to Exhausted California Firefighters

Gracie Lutz may only be 2 years old, but she is making a big difference for the firefighters currently combatting the Carr wildfire in Northern California.

Firefighter Finishes Yard Work for the 90-Year-old Man Who Collapsed in the Heat

When interviewed about his good deed, the firefighter simply said: “Just try to be a bright spot in someone’s day. It doesn’t take much effort.”

His Love for Her is Deep–So He Proposed to Her Underwater at the Great Barrier Reef

What could be a dreamier place to get engaged than surrounded by exotic fish at the Great Barrier Reef in Australia?

Locked Out of House, Watch Woman’s Gleeful Reaction to Clever Pup Opening the Door

When his owner got locked out of the house on Saturday, this resourceful Labrador was promised “10,000 treats” as a reward for his rescue.

Woman Runs to Save Drowning Boy and Winds Up Saving His Pregnant Mother, Too

This 35-year-old woman has never worked as a lifeguard before, but her quick thinking helped to save a small family earlier this week.

Woman’s Spontaneous Question Leads to Saving Man’s Life Years Later On the Phone

This woman doesn't quite know what compelled her to ask for her friend's contact number back in the day – but she was amazed to find that it ended up saving his life years later.

Search for Cat Litter Led Woman to Fateful Encounter With Stranger Who Adopted Her Beloved Persian

Miraculous days start “normally” – and on this fateful day, I was back home with my family for Christmas after returning from 500 miles away,...

As a Means of Saving the Ocean, Man Tries to Become First Person to Swim Across the Pacific

Ben Lecomte might be the person most prepared to spend 6 to 8 months swimming the 5,500-mile span of the Pacific—and he hopes to leave a healthier ocean in his wake.

Self-Driving, 3D-Printed Boats Could Free Up Traffic Congestion by Sailing on City Waterways

If you're distrustful of self-driving cars carrying people, what about these autonomous boats that can free up traffic congestion by ferrying goods?

When Woman is About to Give Up On Lost Cat, She Feels ‘Invisible Hands’ Guide Her to Him

Can you imagine the horror of taking your pet on vacation only to end up losing it? That’s what happen to me—on my honeymoon—when microchipping...

Watch Diver Perform Expressive 6-Minute Dance Underwater in World’s Deepest Pool

Julie Gautier performed this entire 6-minute dance in a single breath at the bottom of Y40, the world's deepest swimming pool.

Heroic Neighbor Dog Pulls Exhausted Drowning Man to Shore

After swimming against the current of a chilly river for an hour, this 24-year-old man was ready to give up – until a yellow Labrador jumped in to save him.

Want Instant Pain Relief? New Report Says You Could Go For a Swim in Cold Water

Researchers aren't quite sure why, but this new case report suggests that going for cold swims might be a source of instant pain relief.

Watch Whale Reportedly Protect Diver From Nearby Shark

This snorkeler was confused as to why a humpback whale was hanging around her so persistently – but then she saw the 15-foot tiger shark swimming nearby.

Scuba Diver Fighting Cancer Sees Cute Pufferfish Swim Up to Her and Refuse to Leave Her Side

PT Hirschfield has found a way to bring light to each day by scuba diving. According to Storyful, she was diagnosed with terminal cancer three...

Stranger’s Diligence Leads to Emotional Reunion With Lost Ring of Woman’s Mother

After 40 years of being buried in the brush of a local quarry, a class ring was returned to its rightful owner in an...

When Passenger Asks to be Left at a Bridge, Uber Driver Intervenes Instead

If it had not been for the quick thinking of this Uber driver, a simple Monday night drive could have ended in tragedy. 41-year-old Chris...

Baby Octopus is Quick to Thank Human Rescuer Before it Swims Back to Sea

This little octopus was dehydrated when it was rescued by a Good Samaritan – so when it eventually recovered from its near death experience,...

20 Years of Building a Backyard Pool Finally Pays Off—And Stuns the Neighborhood

Micky Thornton’s vision for building a proper pool began when he was a little boy swimming around and feeling like he was trapped in...