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Study Shows Low-emission Cars Less Expensive than Polluters

As electric and hybrid cars steadily become more popular, MIT thought they would double check the numbers and see just how economic low-emission cars are.

This Cheap, Portable Solar Panel Will Be the iPad of Renewables

These new sustainable electric devices are being called real game-changers for a more accessible solar market.

Lyft to Have Fully Autonomous Fleet of Self-Driving Cars by 2021

There's a surprising amount of environmental and economic benefits that comes from ditching human drivers from the transportation service.

Watch Woman Surprise Stepdad With Porsche He Gave Up To Marry Her Mom

Dave had spent years putting money away so he could restore his favorite automobile to working condition: a white 1973 Porsche 914. //

58 Celebrities Give $14 Million to Teachers in Their Hometowns (LOOK)

Movie stars, tech founders, and athletes formed a fundraising flash mob Thursday, paying for 12,000 different school projects and requests in cities across the...

Bill Nye the Science Guy: ‘We Can Invent Our Way Out of Climate Change’

Celebrity scientist Bill Nye believes humanity can “invent” its way out of climate change. Nye’s new book, Unstoppable: Harnessing Science to Change the World, debuted...

Electric Car Blazes a 12,000 Mile Trail Across US

In the tradition of American travelers piling into their gas-guzzling cars and road tripping across the country, Norman Hajjar is setting out to prove...
Tesla Museum graphic photoshopped

Geeks Rise Up, Raise Almost a Million Bucks to Honor Their Science Idol

A non-profit organization, working 15 years to save a historic property owned by Nikola Tesla, learned a lot about the power of social networks...
Ford's plug-in motor

Ford Gets $5.9 Billion Loan to Retool Plants for Energy Efficient Cars

The Department of Energy announced yesterday they finalized a loan of $5.9 billion for Ford Motor Company to transform factories across Illinois, Kentucky, Michigan,...

Electric Cars Poised to Give Auto Industry a Jolt

In the next year or so, after only a century or so of trying, the electric car may break free of the lunatic fringe...

Electric Cars are Finally… Almost Here

After years of foot dragging, major car companies are at last accelerating into a market for electric-powered vehicles. GM and Chrysler both...

Where Can I Buy an Electric Car in America?

The transition has begun that will wean our society from gas powered cars to electric. As we strive to improve the environment and grapple...

All-Electric Sports Car to Hit Road by Year End (Video)

One of the first electric sports cars to hit the U.S. market is the Tesla Roadster. No gas and no emissions, plug...

World’s First High-Speed All-Electric Sport Utility Truck

Earth-friendly, fuel-efficient vehicles that produce no emissions may seem like a dream of the future. But several companies are already well on their way...

Green Limo Line at Oscars Gets Longer and Sexier

"From a plug-in hybrid car to the sexy 2-seater electric Tesla Roadster, celebrities, like Leonardo DiCaprio, wanting to make a green statement on the...

Top Ten Stories of 2006: 9) Corporations Lead the Green Movement

Corporations are leading a Green Movement toward more recycling, environmentally friendly cars, and sustainable industry. Read 15 examples of socially responsible companies and the...
Earth photographed from Apollo 17

Top Ten Good News of 2006!

With casualties in Iraq reaching record numbers, the war in Lebanon punctuating the continuing crises in the Middle East and the ongoing slaughter in...

On Road to Clean Fuels, Automakers Debut 21 New Innovations

Electric vehicles, gasoline-electric hybrids, diesels, and flex-fuel and hydrogen-powered cars are inching up the consumer on-ramp at a faster pace, judging from world debuts...

Sporty Electric Cars On Silicon Valley Horizon

Tesla Motors' goal is to design a sports car that would go as fast as a Ferrari or Porsche — but run on electricity....