Man’s Best Friend Comes to Aid of Marines (Video)

Man’s Best Friend Comes to Aid of Marines (Video)

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retriever-service-dog.jpgIt was genius to decide to introduce the vets suffering in post-traumatic stress with service dogs in need of training. The vets not only receive unlimited love from man’s best friend, they engage in purposeful work to aid colleagues in combat.

You see, the service dogs after 18 months of training are assigned to wounded vets who need extra help. (Video report by NBC’s Robert Bazell)


  1. I appreciate your concern and I’m sure dogs are your best friend, too… But that is already what the phrase means. (best friend to humans).

    I don’t find anything unclear about the meaning of “mankind” – – it means, the human race. But it is more poetic to my ears than human race. With the canine phrase, “Man’s best friend,” I find there is no substitute.

    I personally don’t favor political correctness in speech, or the race to try and please all the people with ones words.

    I am sorry that people may take offense… But, “you’ll have that” with whatever you do, it seems to me.


  2. This is a lovely, win-win story of disabled vets helping other disabled vets. My dad was an arm amputee from WWII and spent his working life thereafter helping other amputees in the VA. He would have loved this story.
    I am new to your site and appreciate this very much, Geri.


  3. Welcome, Bonnie!

    The best way, it seems, to bring fulfillment and success back to a life darkened by pain or trauma, is to help someone else who is in a similar situation… It just brings so much gratitude all the way around. Your father must have been quite fulfilled in his later life.