‘Within Good There is God’ Reminder Bracelet (with Canvas Pouch)
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‘Within Good There is God’ Reminder Bracelet (with Canvas Pouch)

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This handsome wearable reminder displays ‘Within Good’ on the outside, and a personal message ‘There is God’ hidden on the underside.

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The “Within Good” product line was created as a way to encourage positive thoughts and good deeds: And now you can get a free bracelet to give to a friend.

In one simple design concept, it is a wearable reminder to people of all backgrounds, that “Within Good, There is God”—a pure message that no matter what you are going through, you can always do good, and the spirit of love, known as God, is always within us and in the world.

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Within Good is not intended to be a religious bracelet. In fact, one of the reasons why the ‘God’ reference appears on the inside of the bracelet is because it is personal to the wearer. The company co-founders Anthony Samadani and Maryum Ali (Muhammad Ali’s oldest child) say their concept was to go back to the basics of doing good for yourself and others: “At the end of the day, God symbolizes peace, love, harmony, perfection, happiness, serenity, connectedness, purpose, and any other word that makes you feel GOOD”.

And, because it feels good to give around the holidays, Within Good has a special deal for you: BUY TWO—GIFT ONE FREE. When you decide to buy an extra one as a gift, Within Good will match your generosity, sending a third one for free!

Over many months, the logo evolved into an infinity symbol represented by the double “o” in Good and interlocking with the G and D. Within Good is printed on the top of the bracelet and on the back is printed, There is God. The rope symbolizes strength, and a strong connection between Good and God (always inside us).

Why This is a Good Gift:

  • Looks Great: Casual yet classy styling, in a unisex design
  • Pays it Forward: For every two you buy, Within Good will match your generosity,  sending a third one for free so you can give two
  • Gift Packaging: Each bracelet arrives inside its own little drawstring bag, ready to give away without wrapping
  • Discount: 10% off for all GNN fans

The materials consist of nylon wax rope and zinc alloy with rhodium plating. Use this link at any time in the future to get an exclusive GNN discount on the bracelet and future products to be launched by the brand.

1 review for ‘Within Good There is God’ Reminder Bracelet (with Canvas Pouch)

  1. Chery

    I fell in love with the message of this bracelet and just had to have one. Very well made. I love it! I have a 6 inch wrist and was a little concerned that it might be too over-powering, but it is not at all. I plan on wearing it daily as a reminder and inspiration to myself that there is still good in this world, and I can do my part in contributing to the goodness that our world so desperately needs. Most important – Within Good, there is GOD.

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About the founder: In 2015, longtime friends, Samadani and Ali decided to do something to combat the constantly negative talk around them. They wanted to remind themselves and others that there is so much good in the world. So they set out to create a simple yet meaningful wearable reminder to Do GOOD. After drawing the word GOOD so many times, they noticed the word, GOD, and at that moment realized that Within GOOD, There is GOD, which branded their mission.