Cool New Feature Makes It Fun to Share Stories, Add Your Own...

Cool New Feature Makes It Fun to Share Stories, Add Your Own Voice

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We’re trying a cool new feature in our stories that I wanted to show you. It’s called a Rune. You will see an icon in the form a quill alongside the content which you can use to add your own comments or highlight relevant text to share with a friend–or add a YouTube video or funny GIF. (Some of you have already posted GIFs, so thanks for the chuckles!). The photo below shows our first Rune— added to this page.

We’ve partnered with Rune because we want to take the interesting points of view you provide on Facebook and promote our favorites on our website. It allows you to add context to the article when you share it—and even your own photo.

All your Runes will be visible to the friends you share with, but invisible to the public, unless they are “promoted”, so click the “Promote Me” button when you are done, if you want us to display your thoughts on our story. In the screenshot below, I added a Rune, that included a video related to the highlighted content. (GNN Runes –and yours, should we promote them— will be visible and clickable in the little circles near the quill.) It sounds confusing, but it’s really fun, and somewhat intuitive! Give it a try, and tell us what you think.


1. On any eligible article page, drag the Rune quill ​, or use your cursor (desktop only) to select the text you want to leave a reaction on.
2. Leave your comment, emojis, GIFs, YouTube videos, or your own photos.
3. Share your Rune with friends by copying and pasting the page URL or sharing on your social media feed—watch how Rune overlays your contribution right atop the image in the post!
4. If you want to have your Rune seen by all visitors, click ‘Promote Me’ and follow the instructions.
5. You are not required to login to create Runes, but you would be seen as ‘Anonymous’ rather than having your personal avatar show up. You must be logged in with Facebook or Twitter to be promoted. If you are logged in, your friends on Facebook or the people who follow you on Twitter who are also logged in would automatically see your Runes directly on the article.
* If you tweet something interesting about the article (and the tweet includes the URL), we will consider making it visible to all readers.