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Woman’s Ingenious Invention Generates Electricity Using Wind From Trains, Subways

A pilot series of the Moya Power textiles have already been installed along the Crossrails in London.

Expandable Kids Clothing Will Save You Money and Help the Planet

Thousands of tons of baby clothes end up in landfills every year as children get older and outgrow their former outfits – but this...

Student Invents Biodegradable Packaging From Seagrass That Washes Up on Beaches

This German college student has created a completely biodegradable packaging material made entirely out of seagrass, which simply washes up in heaps on the...

Students Design Refugee Coat that Becomes Tent, Sleeping Bag

A group of interior design students have created the ultimate outerwear for refugees — a poncho that converts into a tent or sleeping bag,...

Parkinson’s Pen For Patients Who Want to Keep Writing Christmas Cards

One of the most bothersome things about Parkinson’s Disease is when it forces your handwriting to become tiny and unreadable, even when you try...
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Amazing Young Designers: Oh, What You’ll Do With Recycled Plastic Bottles

A Puerto Rican design student at London's Royal College of Art has created a customized bicycle that grinds discarded plastic containers at one end...