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‘First of its Kind’ Zero-Emission Geothermal Energy System in Canada May Soon Be in Your Town

The first-of-its-kind underground system uses a closed-loop design generates zero greenhouse gas emissions and requires no fracking or water.

Canada Passes Most Progressive Fishery Act Yet, Requiring the Rebuilding of Fish Populations

The modernized piece of legislation will prevent Canada from importing and exporting shark fins and also legally require fish populations to be rebuilt.

Conservationists Purchase Rare Temperate Rainforest, Protecting the Habitats of 40 At-Risk Species in Canada

The Nature Conservancy of Canada has just purchased to protection from development a tract of rare temperate rainforest, found almost nowhere else on Earth.

Canada is Moving to Ban Dozens of ‘Harmful’ Single-Use Plastics as Soon as 2021

Canadian legislators are aiming to phase out single-use plastics such as straws, coffee lids, shopping bags, and straws within the next two years.

Canada Bans the Captivity and Breeding of Dolphins and Whales for Entertainment Purposes

The Canadian House of Commons has just approved a ban on the captivity of cetaceans for any purpose other than rescue, rehabilitation, or research.

Instead of Just Donating Pastries, Starbucks Canada Will Soon Be Rescuing 1.5 Million Meals Per Year

Once fully implemented, this new waste reduction strategy will salvage over one million healthy meals from landfills every year.

Business Savvy 9-Year-old Sells Out of Cookies by Taking Advantage of Canada’s First Cannabis Sales

As people lined up around the block for the nation's first day of recreational marijuana sales, 9-year-old Elina Childs saw an advantageous opportunity.

Canada Becomes First Western Nation to Legalize Marijuana

The bill's approval is being hailed as a “historic milestone for progressive policy in Canada.”

New Budget Gives Teens Free Access to National Parks in Canada Permanently

The government of Canada has followed through on their promise to give youngsters free access to all of their national parks. New budget reforms will...

Canada’s First ‘Dementia Village’ is Set to Open its Doors Next Year

Canadian residents are becoming more and more excited over the construction of a new village in British Columbia. This isn't just any village, however –...

Air Canada Pilot Overhears Distressed Mom on Plane, Then Drives Her to Husband’s Bedside

In response to a family emergency, Antonella Dicintio boarded an Air Canada flight leaving from Toronto for Ottawa this week to see her husband who...

This Small Town in Canada Spent 10 Years and $2.7 Million to Save Turtles

The salvation of these tiny baby turtles may have come with a $2.7 million price tag and ten years of hard work, but the...

Canada Bans Removal of Passengers on Overbooked Planes Unless Diplomacy is Used

Canada has just released a new airline passenger bill of rights that makes it illegal for passengers to be forcibly removed from overbooked domestic...

Canada Rules to Uphold Net Neutrality

The internet of Canada is to remain a fair and equal space for all thanks to this new ruling. The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission...

Soon You Can Cross Canada on One of the Longest Pleasure Trails in the World

One of the world's longest recreational trails in the world will soon be open to the public in the fall of 2017. The Great Trail...

Airline Uses Wonderful Holiday Ad to Surprise Wildfire Victims in Canada (WATCH)

WestJet made the fifth installment of their Christmas Miracle series about Fort McMurray wildfire victims – and the results will warm your heart.

Canada Celebrates 150th Birthday, Makes National Parks Free All Year Long

If you've ever wanted to explore the wondrous wilderness of Canada, 2017 is definitely the year to do it.

In Tears, Syrian Girl Thanks Her New Nation on Canada Day (WATCH)

This little girl, a Syrian refugee, inspired even the prime minister with her emotional thanks to Canada on it's national holiday.

300 South African Firefighters Arrive in Canada Singing, Before Joining Wildfire Teams (WATCH)

Nearly 300 South African firefighters landed at the airport in Canada to inspire hope for a nation fighting against a massive wildfire, not only...

Look at These Cops Meditating Before They Hit the Streets in Canada

Police in Canada got some extra training earlier this month on how to subdue a foe. Stress, in this case, is the enemy–and mindfulness meditation...