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8 Under-Appreciated Autumn Veggies and Fruits You Should Be Eating

Autumn is my favorite time of year, not just because the weather is beautiful, but also because fall brings some of the most delicious...

People Are Praising Young Man After He Was Spotted Running After Customer’s Car With Their Order

After hurrying over to the customer's car, the 19-year-old says that he did indeed tell them that “it was his pleasure.”

When Teen Despairs Over Finding Prom Date, Manager Gets Creative With Their Restaurant Sign

This senior student has been desperately searching for a prom date – and thanks to his good-natured manager, he might still be able to find one in time for the big day.

Have You Ever Seen a Shaolin Monk Pierce a Pane of Glass With a Needle?

The Shaolin Master prepares for the feat simply by “breathing in energy”.

Anthony Samadani

Anthony is passionate about empowering people to make every day count and challenging them to find the good in everyday interactions. As a social good entrepreneur, speaker and consultant, Anthony works with individuals and organizations to discover their good so they can “do good, for the greater good.” An attorney and producer by trade, Anthony partnered with Good News Network in 2017 to use his entertainment and business acumen to revamp the platform and offer more ways to discover good in the world. (Connect With Anthony Below)

Check Out the 10 Most Amazing Acts of Kindness on GNN For World Kindness Day

Here are your 10 favorite stories of kindness from 2017, with everything from acts of celebrity compassion to sheltering dozens of stray dogs from the snow.

Pizza Hut Workers Use Kayaks to Deliver Free Pies During Disaster

We have already heard about dozens of relief efforts in the wake of Hurricane Harvey – but this story sets a new bar for...

Watch Hearing-impaired Coworker Surprised by Special Birthday Song

These Chick-fil-A employees weren't about to let a language barrier get in the way of wishing their coworker a happy birthday. The staff of a...

A Life Coach’s Free Advice on How to Balance Happiness and Work

Understanding the importance of a good work-life balance can benefit you in many ways, but one of the most important ways (by far) is...

Instagram Actually Helps Users Eat Healthily, Study Says

Instagram users post millions of food photos – whether to show off a sophisticated palate, make friends drool over chicken and waffles, or artfully...

Random Customer Sends Popeyes Worker to Nursing School (WATCH)

Donald Carter spent only about forty seconds talking to Shajuana Mays at a Popeyes drive-thru window when he decided that he wanted to help her...

Starbucks Worker Receives Apology Note, Tip From Sassy Customer

Baristas are pretty accustomed to getting an earful from annoyed customers, but it's a rare occurrence when they receive an apology card for it. However,...

Man Impressed With Injured Teen’s Work Ethic Raises Thousands

Cameron Nelson was so impressed with Jakeem Tyler's determination and compassion, he sought support for the youth on social media.

Man Buys Store’s Entire Supply of Pet Food to Donate to Animal Shelters

Critters in Canadian animal shelters will be eating with tails wagging after a man purchased a pet store’s entire inventory and donated 570 bags...

A Wave of Kindness in Orlando Lightens the Pain of Mass Shooting

The worst shooting of its kind in U.S. history has brought out the best in thousands of people across Orlando, Florida — with businesses...

Man Delivers Sweet Poem Instead of Getting Mad Over Towed Car (WATCH)

Even though you just had your car towed and were slapped with a fine, the towing company workers aren't to blame. Why not make their day like this guy did?

Remember The Movers Who Give Free Service to Domestic Abuse Victims? 10 Companies That Won Our Hearts in 2015

From moving companies helping women escape abusive relationships to a CEO setting a $70,000 minimum wage for his workers, business was good in 2015. Here are...

People Respond with Texas-Sized Generosity to Dallas Tornados

“Everything’s bigger in Texas,” the old saying goes, and Texans are demonstrating their hearts are bigger than any storm. Since December 26 when the Dallas...

This CEO Urges His Workers to Take 6 Weeks Paid Vacation

The boss at this Los Gatos, California-based company is telling his 2,200 employees to take six weeks of vacation every year, just like he...

Half-Price Hummus Brings Arabs and Jews Together Over Lunch

A restaurant is “giving chickpeas a chance” – to promote peace in Israel. The Hummus Bar in Netanya is now offering half price hummus to...