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Man is Crowned Bodybuilding World Champion After Beating Cancer Diagnosis That Gave Him Weeks to Live

A 63-year-old was diagnosed with cancer just days after the disease killed his dad—yet he has now been crowned a bodybuilding world champion after...

Metal Brought to Earth by Asteroid That Wiped Out Dinosaurs Could Be Harmless Cure for Cancer

This rare material was brought to Earth by the massive asteroid that wiped out the dinosaurs 66 millions years ago – and now, it could cure cancer.

Cancer Patient Who Set Up Antiques Shop as Dying Wish is Still in Business 20 Years Later

It has been 20 years since this Englishman was given a dire cancer diagnosis – and he credits his longevity to the joy of running his antique store.

Tiny Sponges in the Bloodstream Could Greatly Reduce Cancer Treatment Side Effects

The sponges could also allow doctors to take more aggressive therapeutic action against liver cancer, too.

US Cancer Death Rate Has Fallen by 27% in 25 Years – Study

This new report shows that millions of people have lived longer and fuller lives thanks to a steadily declining cancer death rate.

UCLA Surgeons Develop Simple Spray Gel to Super-Charge Immunity and Prevent Cancer From Returning

A team of researchers have developed a spray-on gel that could prevent cancer from returning to plague a patient after surgery. Many people who are...

Researchers Develop Cheap, 10-Minute Test That Can Detect Cancer Anywhere in the Body

The simple, inexpensive tool could save thousands of lives by increasing the odds of early cancer detection.

When Cancer-Stricken Farmer Can’t Go Outside, Neighbors Complete His Weeks of Work in a Few Hours

When this community heard about a sick farmer's inability to harvest his crops, they finished half a million dollars worth of work in a matter of hours.

Dog Saves Its Owner’s Life When It Sniffs Out Cancer, Not Once, But Three Times

This Siberian husky and her olfactory talent may be the reason why her 52-year-old owner is alive today.

Drug That Can Stop a Dozen ‘Untreatable’ Cancers Gets Approval—And Company Vows to Help Every Patient Afford It

The groundbreaking drug had a 75% overall success rate in adult and pediatric patients displaying a variety of untreatable cancers.

Bat Kid ‘Saved’ San Francisco Five Years Ago, and His Cancer Has Been in Remission Ever Since

It’s been five years since people from all over the world came together in San Francisco to grant a little boy's wish of being...

Ovarian Cancer ‘Breakthrough’ Drug Prevents Disease Returning for Years

These “unprecedented” new study results could dramatically improve the livelihood and lifespan of women suffering from ovarian cancer.

13-Year-old Named America’s Top Young Scientist for Drastically Improving Pancreatic Cancer Treatment

A 13-year-old boy has just been named America's Next Top Young Scientist in recognition of his ingenious method for making pancreatic cancer treatment more...

Mystery Man Donates $131,000 So That Sick UK Boy Can Get the Rare Cancer Treatment He Needs in USA

So many donations have poured in for a sick English boy who needs treatment in the US – but the most important one was just given by an anonymous donor.

Strangers Write 125,000 Loving Letters to Breast Cancer Patients – How You Can Join Their Mission

It takes very little effort to write a letter of encouragement to someone who many need it – which is why this charity is asking you to write one too.

When Cop With Cancer Refuses to Stop Working, Dozens of City Workers Donate Their Sick Days

Editor's Note: this town was previously featured on GNN as one of the finalists for the Top 10 Nicest Places in America competition from...

On a Hunch, Doctor Gives HPV Vaccine to Advanced Skin Cancer Patient and Dozens of Tumors Disappear

There has been very little research on whether an HPV vaccine could combat skin tumors, but this doctor decided to act on her hunch anyway.

Turkey Announces They Are Setting Aside a Ton of Money to Make Cancer Treatments Free

“A cancer patient will not pay any extra fee as the state will cover it all,” says the Minister for Labor and Social Security.

Lyft is Giving Free Rides to Cancer Patients Headed to Medical Appointments

These cancer patients will no longer have to worry about finding transportation to their medical appointments.

A Woman Given Months to Live From Advanced Breast Cancer is ‘Cured’ in World First

For the first time in world history, a woman with advanced stage breast cancer was “cured” thanks to an experimental new therapy. Judy Perkins, a...