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Without Wheelchair-Accessible Home, Boy is Unable to Leave Hospital; So Shaq Helps Pay for Family’s New House

When Shaq heard about a young shooting victim who couldn't return home without wheelchair accessibility, he simply bought the family a new house.

Fishing Family Shocked to Rescue Young Bobcat From Drowning in the Middle of a Lake

If these hawk-eyed Montana fishermen had not spotted this little bobcat adrift on Flathead Lake, it might not have survived the cold water for much longer.

Teen Creates App to Organize All The Family’s Caregivers After Grandmother Gets Alzheimers

After witnessing his mom’s stress caring for a family member with Alzheimer’s, teen creates app to organize all the caregivers for his grandmother.

Stranded Family is Rescued Thanks to Dad Sending Creative SOS Message Down River

A resourceful California father is being hailed for using his water bottle to save his family after they had become stranded atop a 40-foot waterfall.

‘I’m in heaven’: Homeless Man Reunited With Family After 24 Years of Separation, Thanks to Transit Police

After almost a quarter-century of separation, this 61-year-old homeless man has finally been reunited with his daughters in New Jersey.

After Special Needs Man Was Found Wandering the Streets Without a Family, His Former Teacher Took Him In

This 30-year-old man was only recently able to celebrate his first ever birthday party thanks to his new guardian: a teacher who he had not seen in years.

Despite Language Barrier, Family Develops the Sweetest Connection With Japanese Neighbor

This American family never expected their simple gift of beer and chocolate would lead to such a sweet and lasting relationship with their neighbor.

Ugandan Man Becomes a Lawyer to Win Back His Family Land

Ugandan Jordan Kinyera won back his family’s land back after working for 18 years to become lawyer—and now he's helping others in need of justice.

Family Farms Use ‘Crop Mobsters’ to Prevent More Than 1 Million Servings Of Food From Going To Waste

An innovative online platform, CropMobster is solving the problem of food waste by helping family farms to find buyers and charities who want excess food.

University of Texas Announces Full Scholarships to Residents With Family Incomes Under $65K by 2020

Texas University has vowed to cover full tuition for students from families that earn up to $65,000 a year—for more than 8,600 undergraduates.

Phenomenal Good Samaritan Drives 1,300 Miles to Rescue Stranded Family and Their Cross-Country Voyage

A family stranded in the Australian outback has been saved from heartbreak thanks to a complete stranger who was willing to drive 2,000 kilometers to help.

18-Year-old Genealogy Wiz Reunites Hundreds of Long-Lost Family Members in His Spare Time

This New Jersey teen has made a name for himself reuniting hundreds of family members with his lightning-quick internet searches and online clues.

Watch Family’s Tearful Reunion With Their Bird ‘Cheesy’ Four Days After It Got Lost

Cheesy the cockatiel had lost a third of its body weight by the time he found a family that could reunite him with his owners 11 miles away.

After Policeman Gives Wandering Child Ride Home, He Returns With Groceries and Treats for the Family

After a Texas police officer saw a little boy walking down the street by himself, he took it upon himself to help the youngster's entire family.

14-Year-old Sold So Many Homemade Cupcakes in One Year, He Took His Entire Family to Disney World

Not many 14-year-olds can say that they paid for their own trip to Disney World, let alone paid for their entire family vacation.

After Family’s Thatched Cottage Burned to the Ground, Irish Town Built Them a New One in 3 Weeks

When this French family suddenly found themselves without a home, their Irish community rallied together to build them a new one in just three weeks.

After His Family Passed Up Record-Breaking Clam in Aunt’s Estate, He Found Pearl Inside is Worth Millions

A Canadian man has just unveiled what may be one of the North America's rarest and most stunning treasures: a massive 61-pound pearl. The “Giga...

When Family Can’t Afford Motorized Wheelchair for 2-Year-Old, High School Students Modify Toy Car Instead

A team of tenacious robotics students have changed the life of a little boy with mobility issues after his parents found they could not afford a wheelchair.

eBay Seller Touches a Mother’s Heart After Learning Their Family Lost Everything in the Wildfires

A beautiful stranger reached out and touched the life of Aimee Child Gray who had recently lost her entire home in a deadly California...

Do You Regret Not Saving Enough Family Keepsakes? Poll Says Most Parents Do (But Don’t Worry)

Despite having hundreds of nostalgic treasures, this new research says that families never feel like they have enough keepsakes – so stop sweating it!