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Firefighters Take Over for Sick Gas Station Cashier Who Called for an Ambulance

These Michigan firefighters are being praised for going above and beyond the call of duty for a gas station employee who fell ill on the job last week.

World’s Last Known ‘Dinosaur Trees’ Saved From Australian Bushfires Thanks to Determined Firefighters

A determined team of firefighters successfully managed to protect the world's last remaining “dinosaur trees” from the Australian bushfires.

More Than 200 Volunteer Firefighters From US and Canada Have Deployed to Help With Australian Bushfires

After Australia offered firefighting aid to the United States and Canada in 2018, more than 200 volunteers are repaying the favor.

Firefighters Rush Out of Supermarket on Emergency Call Only to Return and Find Strangers Paid for Their Groceries

The fire department lieuntenant said that in 20 years of firefighting, he had never had a community member pay for his groceries as a thank you.

John Cena Donates $500K to California Firefighters and Gets Film Company to Do the Same

With his latest film “Playing With Fire” set to be released in theaters this week, Cena got Paramount Pictures to match his donation as well.

Matthew McConaughey Serves Barbecue to Firefighters in Los Angeles ‘With Thanks’

With more than 10 wildfires currently burning in the state of California, Matthew McConaughey teamed up with a group of volunteers from Wild Turkey...

Fire House Adopts Great Way to Nurture Future Firefighters – By Letting Kids Douse a ‘Blaze’

A firehouse in Martinsville, Virginia has adopted an idea for nurturing future firefighters, allowing them to experience putting out a fire in a ‘house’.

Firefighters Soothe ‘Very Scared’ Little Girl By Asking Her to Paint Their Nails After She Was in a Car Crash

These firefighters were able to soothe a terrified little girl by asking her to paint their nails following a car collision.

For 3 Hours, Firefighters Carry Park Ranger’s Gurney Through a Forest So He Could Be in Nature One Last Time

It isn't easy to roll a gurney through the forest—but that's exactly what a team of firefighters did for a hospice patient who wanted...

As Wildfires Increase Across The Globe, U.S. Firefighters Will Be Prepared Thanks to $3 Billion in Funding

Reprinted with permission from World At Large, a news website of nature, science, health, politics, and travel. Last month was the hottest July on record,...

When Firefighters See Senior Struggling in Wheelchair, They Spend Weekend Building Her a New Walkway

These firefighters spent their time off this week building a new walkway for a woman who was seen struggling to cross her front lawn in her wheelchair.

Firefighters Spend 2 Hours Freeing Hapless Raccoon From Sewer Grate: ‘We rescue citizens both big and small’

When a civilian found a distressed raccoon lodged in a sewage grate, a team of determined firefighters spent two hours trying to free it.

Watch Firefighter Choke Back Tears After Seeing American Flag in Color for the First Time

This young firefighter never knew that he was colorblind until his colleagues gifted him a pair of EnChroma glasses – and he was overwhelmed by the results.

Woman Finally Gets to Repay Firefighter After She Sees Him Wearing T-Shirt With Plea for Help

Three years after he came to her daughter's rescue, a Minnesota mom finally got to repay the compassionate firefighter who helped them.

Longtime Firefighter Saved By the Very Device He Lobbied for Months Earlier

Even though he has spent decades saving other people's lives, this firefighter's recent workplace decision ended up saving his own life months later.

Watch Nonverbal Boy’s Delight When Firefighter Stops to Chat With Him in Sign Language

Tegan McCall could not contain his excitement when a firefighter stopped by his family's apartment doorway in order to introduce himself in sign language.

When Mom is Whisked to Hospital After Kitchen Accident, Firefighters Stay Behind to Take Care of Things

These firefighters went above and beyond for a young mother who suddenly found herself in dire straits while she was home with her son last month.

Veteran and His Wife Donate All of Their Worldly Possessions to California Firefighters

A compassionate combat veteran and his wife are donating almost all of their worldly possessions to firefighters who were combatting the blaze in Paradise,...

Firefighter Dresses Like Buddy The Elf And Starts Pillow Fights With Shoppers–and it’s Hilarious

A firefighter has been spreading holiday cheer by dressing up like Buddy the Elf—and challenging strangers to pillow fights on Boston streets.

Firefighters Amused After Rushing to a Call Only to Find Parrot Impersonating a Smoke Alarm

Firefighters who raced to a suspected house blaze were amused to arrive on the scene only to find a parrot impersonating a smoke alarm. The...