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New York City Launches Dramatic Transportation Project With 250 Miles of New Bike Lanes

The recently-approved transportation plan for The Big Apple involves 250 new miles of protected bike lanes that are physically separated from traffic.

9-Year-old Double Amputee to Make History on ‘New York Fashion Week’ Catwalk

This 9-year-old Daisy-May is about to make history as the first ever double amputee child to walk the prestigious New York Fashion Week.

50-Year-old New Yorker Being Hailed as ‘Highway Hero’ After Clearing Floodwaters From Freeway in Her Crocs

Daphne Youree was not about to wait for city officials to take care of the flooded expressway—so she decided to take matters into her own hands.

Lin-Manuel Miranda and Friends Rescue Struggling Theater Business From New York City Rent Prices

The “Hamilton” star has become more than just a star on stage – he has also become a hero to a historic drama store of New York City.

‘Humans of New York’ Makes History Raising $1Mil in 4 Days to Build Housing For Rohingya Refugees

The page has become one of the fastest campaigns in GoFundMe history to raise over $1 million for a cause.

New York is On the Right Path: Number of People in Jail Falls to Lowest Since 1982

The continuously declining rates of New York City crime has resulted in the lowest amount of prisoners being held behind bars in 35 years.

Grandma Gives Advice to Stressed Out New Yorkers From 3,000 Miles Away

Eileen Wilkinson is a 100-year-old grandma who loves to share her worldly advice with other people – and what better way than to counsel...

New York Man Wins $5 Million Lottery While Buying Mushrooms for His Pasta

John Lewis rarely indulges in spontaneous purchases – but after running to the store to get mushrooms for his pasta sauce, he got a...

New Yorkers Stage Makeshift Commencement for Student Stuck on Delayed Subway

Due to an increasing amount of New York subway delays, this poor grad student missed his official commencement ceremony. Because he missed such an important...

Man Places Bouquets of Flowers in Trash Cans for Stressed New Yorkers

One man’s trash can is another man’s vase. That’s especially true for Lewis Miller – a floral designer based out of New York City. Miller and...

Meet the First Girl Scout Troop For Homeless Kids in New York City

The confident female youngsters who make up Girl Scout Troop 6000 may not seem especially out of the ordinary, but there's more to the members...

New York Neighborhood Noise May Be Healthy For its Residents

Loud workplace noise has been found by many studies to cause harm, but a recent analysis links the sounds of all-night car horn blasts...

10,000 New Yorkers Given Roses Today on International Happiness Day

It's almost impossible not to smile while watching these surprised New Yorkers being given free fresh roses in honor of being happy.

Watch This Pup Give Hugs to Stressed Out New Yorkers on the Street

Louboutina – or Loubie for short – is a New York City Golden Retriever whose only job is to hug stressed out city-goers on...

New York City to Build 90 New Homeless Shelters in Five Years

There have been many success stories across the US when it comes to getting homeless veterans off the street in places like Houston, Boston,...

New Yorkers Unite to Scrub Off Hateful Graffiti on Subway Car

Luckily for these subway passengers, Sharpie can easily be removed with the help of tissues and hand sanitizer.

All New York City Subway Stations Now Have Free Public Wifi

Having free public Wifi available in all 279 stations will work wonders in connecting public safety and NYC emergency service workers.

Kid Therapist Raises Money by Offering Advice to Stressed New Yorkers

Ciro Ortiz is wise beyond his years – and he offers that wisdom to stressed out New Yorkers for $2 per five minute session.

Grieving Man Dresses as Santa Claus to Bring Gifts to Homeless New Yorkers

Mike Connell has had a tough year – so, in an effort to reclaim the Christmas spirit, he dressed up as Santa Claus and made New York City streets merrier.

New York State’s First Pit Bull K9 Officer Changes Her Breed’s Image (WATCH)

Kiah the pit bull went from being an abused pup in a grocery store parking lot to the top dog on the Poughkeepie police force.