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Newfoundland photo by DanDee -CC license

Another Newfoundland Hero Dog Senses Trouble and Saves the Day

A Roseville, Minnesota pooch has once again proven that dogs just may have a sixth sense after all -- and this particular breed, an...
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Tiny Town in Newfoundland Hosts 10,000 Stranded Airline Passengers on 9-11

On September 11, thousands of Good Samaritans were inspired to generosity, kindness and helpfulness. In turn, we were inspired by them. When all North American...

Guy Gives Up Christmas With Family So He Can Rally His Town to Feed 75 Stranded Travelers

Brian Snow rallied his Newfoundland town of Deer Lake so they could feed 80 stranded passengers and crew on Christmas Day, calling it the best day ever.

Good News in History, August 2

150 years ago today, Japan abolished its Samurai class system. Under the massive reforms of the Meiji Restoration (meiji means “enlightened rule”), all feudal...

Good News in History, July 27

Five years ago today, Pope Francis revealed his Top 10 guidelines for achieving happiness, which included relaxation and leisure, and toning down negativity—and most...

Good News in History, June 15

100 years ago today, British pilots John Alcock and Arthur Brown became celebrities worldwide for completing the first nonstop transatlantic flight—a harrowing 16-hour journey...

Good News in History, June 2

75 years ago today, composer Marvin Hamlisch, who is one of only two people to have ever won the Emmy, Grammy, Oscar and Tony...

Good News in History, May 20

Happy Birthday to children’s author Mary Pope Osborne, best known for her award-winning Magic Tree House series, who turns 70 years old today. With...

Fishermen Save Starving Fox That Was Stranded on an Iceberg at Sea

This little guy may not have survived much longer if it had not been for some hawk-eyed fishermen who were watching the horizon.

Man is Transformed After His Weight Takes Up 2 Plane Seats During Wildfire Evacuation

Tony Bussey has undergone a spectacular transformation – and it's all thanks to an airplane ride from Fort McMurray two years ago.

‘Mission accomplished’: Town Rescues Dolphins Trapped by the Ice

If it had not been for a community's determined efforts – and a little help from some heavy machinery – this pod of dolphins may have been in deep trouble.

Watch Compassionate Snowmobilers Free a Helpless Moose From Neck Deep Snow (Video FIXED)

While these adventurers usually advise against dealing with large mammals, this 1,000-pound moose was in distress and needed a few snow angels.

5 Fun Ways to Get Children Interested in the Topic of History

There are very few subjects as fascinating as human history. That’s why I find it disappointing if children don't take an interest in this most...

Bearded Guys Pose in Mermaid Calendar to Raise Funds For Therapy Horses

Don't get another animal calendar for your family this year – instead, get this hilarious collection of bearded dudes in mermaid outfits for charity.

Man Buys Store’s Entire Supply of Pet Food to Donate to Animal Shelters

Critters in Canadian animal shelters will be eating with tails wagging after a man purchased a pet store’s entire inventory and donated 570 bags...

Bank That Lost 66 Workers on 9/11 Has Paid for All Their Kids to Go to College

On Sept. 11, 2001, 66 men and women who worked for the investment banking firm Sandler O'Neill & Partners on the 104th floor in...

Four Athletes Who Totally Crushed It At The 2015 Special Olympic Games

As closing ceremonies commence, we’d like to be able to shine a spotlight on all 6,500 Special Olympics competitor—but these four inspiring individuals stood...

Our Favorite Good News Stories Stories About 9/11

Following the attacks of September 11, 2001, traffic to the Good News Network spiked dramatically— on that day, and the days afterward—as people searched...
Letter for Failed Olympian

Boy Garners National Attention for Heartwarming Gesture, Sends Medal to Failed Olympian

A Newfoundland boy who sent a letter and his soccer medal to the Canadian men’s 4X100 relay team says he simply wanted to boost...
Cyclist rides neighborhood streets-CycleofLifeTour-photo

Student Cycles Across Canada to Support Taboo Topic: Death With Dignity

Sean Jacklin, 21, is riding his bicycle from coast to coast -- 4,660 miles (7500 km) -- in an effort to shine a light...