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Watch Student’s Hilarious Reaction to Being Pranked With a Room Full of Presents

There is no better way to spread some Christmas cheer than arriving home to a room full of gifts – even if they happen to be things you already own.

Police Praise Creative Students for ‘Best Senior Prank’ They’ve Ever Seen

The prank even garnered praise from the school district. Not only that, but it included an important public safety message as well.

Roommate’s Prank is Called the Funniest Tweet of All Time

People were calling it the best Twitter post of all time. @Deno_Tron, who describes himself a stand-up comedian earned a quarter million Likes for his...

Math Teacher Impresses Students With Most Genius April Fools Prank

Amidst the traditional slew of fake pregnancy announcements and social media jokes in celebration of April Fool's Day, this math professor's scheme is being hailed...

Jon Hamm and Jimmy Fallon Play Hilarious Celebrity Photobomb Prank (WATCH)

It can be a bit annoying having your picture perfect Christmas card moment ruined by photo bombers, but what about having it ruined by celebrities?

College Freshman “Prank” Collects Over 2 Tons of Food in Brazil

Being pranked on the first day of college in Brazil is part of the “welcome ritual” for public college freshman. State run universities here...

Four Sets Of Twins Stage Time Travel Prank on NYC Subway (WATCH)

Spooky stuff is going on on this NYC subway – would you give a panhandling time traveler any money?

Mom of 7 Special Needs Kids Gets A New Car In Best April Fools Prank Ever (WATCH)

A single mom from San Diego, who adopted seven special needs boys, remained patient and pleasant during an extensive April Fools gag, perpetrated by...
signs of encouragement-Riverside-Schools-photo

Teens Make Kansas Principal Cry With a Positive Prank at School   Principal Sherman Padgett was on the lookout for senior pranks last week, so he was reluctant to grant the request of one student to...
waitress surprised-YouTubePrankItFwd

‘Prank It Forward’ Changes Waitress’s Life With New Car and Job

A young woman who had a serious eating disorder but reformed her life through yoga and is now helping others, received a series of...
Christmas elves prank homeless

This Prank is a Blessing for Homeless Guys on Christmas Morn

The holidays can be especially tough when you are living on the street. But not this year for a couple men sleeping on benches....
smiling fingers frankie tumblr

Round-up of Best April Fools Day Pranks on the Web

From Google to YouTube, Twitter to Netflix, companies tried to bait the public into falling for a prank on April 1. Google always takes...
homeless receive pizza delivery-YouTube

Merry Pranksters Buy Pizza Delivery for Cold Street People

A pair called the Serial Pranksters on YouTube decided to turn their mischief-making into doing something good. "It was so much fun making a prank...
Teens elected tocourt in prank-yearbookphoto

Another Town Helps Student Overcome Homecoming Prank

A freshman at Lincolnton High School could hardly believe she landed a nomination to the homecoming court for the big fall dance. She had...
Homecoming dress bullying victim

Town Turns Tables on Bullying School Prank

A tiny farming town in Michigan is rallying around a 16-year-old girl who became humiliated when her high school voted to elevate her to...
Oregon House floor legislator

How Politicians Overcame Partisan Divide To Pull A Prank (Video)

Oregon lawmakers from both sides of the aisle included snippets from the song lyrics to "Never Gonna Give You Up" into their speeches on...

When Man Gets Ominous Email From His Boss, He Hires Clown to be His Invited ‘Support Person’ at the Meeting

Rather than bring a therapy dog or doting friend to his job termination meeting, this cheeky New Zealand man decided to have some fun and hire a clown.

Good News in History September 17

70 years ago today, Wile E. Coyote and the Road Runner first debuted in a Merrie Melodies cartoon called Fast and Furry-ous. The duo...

Cheeky Teen Welcomes Little Brother at His Bus Stop Every Day Wearing a Different Embarrassing Costume

Though this tradition may be a little embarassing for Max, his brother's costumed greetings have become an endearing routine for the siblings.

Watch Youngsters Challenge Strangers on the Street to Watergun Fight During Hot Summer Day

When temperatures got particularly high in Virginia last month, two pranksters took it upon themselves to offer some watery relief to pedestrians.