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Donated Kidney Forever Bonds Former Neighbors and its affiliated newspapers featured these opening lines yesterday that 'said it all' with elegant prose: It's tough to...

Schools Take Action on Overweight Kids

In response to a steep rise in obesity among children, some public schools are taking action. It shocked me to learn that only 6...

Staying Healthy (Naturally) is Smart Science

Thousands of Americans wrote to a small, but forward-thinking company to say 'thanks’ for inventing an arthritis treatment that works often when nothing else...
hot dog

Diet Linked to Hyper Kids

A revolution has turned around Central Alternative High School in Appleton, Wisconsin, and its ‘problem kids’, sent there from twelve area schools. Respect, achievement,...

Healing on Her Mind; Surviving a Brain Tumor

As Cheryl Clark began a weekend horseback ride one sunny October afternoon in 1997, a time bomb went off. A violent seizure threw the...
trees cut for Paper-TFTphoto

Paper Companies Find Substitute for Trees

Weyerhaeuser, International Paper and Crane are experimenting with non-wood papers, which reduces deforestation, involves fewer pesticides, bleaches, and chemicals, and may create jobs in...