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Police Are Fighting Social Isolation By Creating Public ‘Chat Benches’ for Strangers to Chat

As a means of tackling loneliness and social isolation in English towns, local police forces have begun designating specific public benches that can be...

Girl Born With Backwards Legs Walks for the First Time Thanks to Strangers Funding ‘Miracle’ Surgery

This 3-year-old girl has been given a new lease on life after strangers raised over $225,000 for her “miracle” surgery.

Since Officers Gave Her a Car, Strangers Have Donated Thousands to 20-Year-old Raising Her 5 Siblings

Despite losing both of their parents to cancer, these six siblings have since received an outpouring of support from total strangers.

Strangers Offer Flood of Support for White Mom Who’s ‘Clueless’ About Styling Black Daughter’s Hair

When a self-admitted “clueless white momma” asked social media for help styling her adopted daughter's hair, she was stunned by the response.

When WWII Veteran is Saddened By Upcoming Birthday, 50,000 Strangers Give Him Reason to Smile

Thousands of people from around the world took some time out of their day to cheer a WWII vet for his birthday – and their kindness made a huge difference.

Man Donated Hundreds of Thousands of Miles to Strangers, Reuniting Families for the Holidays

And his donation inspired dozens of other frequent fliers to donate their airline miles as well.

Woman Collected Thousands of Christmas Cards From Strangers to Place on Homeless People’s Pillows

This Canadian woman has spent the last few months ensuring that thousands of people know that they have not been forgotten this holiday season.

Watch Homeless Man Delight in Giving Away $100 Bills to Strangers on Behalf of Secret Santa

Though the homeless man was also given money for his Yuletide mission, he said that the best part of the experience was giving to others.

Mom With Rubber Glove Christmas Tree Turns Down Strangers’ Gifts, Asking People to Donate to Charity Instead

When this mom couldn't afford a tree, she made one out of rubber gloves because “you don’t have to spend loads of money to make Christmas special.”

Watch 3 People Give Gifts and Cash to Strangers (And How They Turned Out to Be Happiest of All)

There is no better way to celebrate the season of giving than by randomly giving away $100 bills, bicycles, and iPads to people on the street.

Watch Grieving Woman’s Emotional Response to Strangers Giving Her Cash After She Paid for Gas in Pennies

When these two men saw a woman paying for gas in pennies, they did not realize they would be showing her kindness at a time when she needed it most.

New ‘Talking Tables’ Cafes Are Designed for People Who Want to Talk to Strangers

As a means of combatting loneliness, a major grocery chain is launching a string of new meeting places that will encourage people to talk...

Beautiful Music Video Made by Strangers Across the Globe Shows How Technology Can Be Used For Good In The World

Earlier this year, I was honored to deliver the closing talk at Italy’s largest TEDx event. My goal was to show that when used...

Man Has Spent Years Giving Antique Brooches to Strangers Who ‘Look Like They Need a Sparkle’

This 71-year-old man has made an unusual nickname for himself out of his favorite weekend past time: giving away brooches to strangers. Myron Boyer, also...

Strangers Write 125,000 Loving Letters to Breast Cancer Patients – How You Can Join Their Mission

It takes very little effort to write a letter of encouragement to someone who many need it – which is why this charity is asking you to write one too.

Sweet Senior Has Given Away 6,000 Chocolate Bars to Strangers in Decade-Long Act of Kindness

This 93-year-old is nicknamed “The Candy Man” because he has spent the last 11 years giving away chocolate bars to strangers.

98-Year-old Walking 6 Miles to His Wife’s Bedside Every Day Inspires Strangers to Donate Thousands

This 98-year-old man is not about to let age or exhaustion keep him from being with his wife. Luther Younger has been married to Waverlee...

Employee Lets Autistic Teen Stock the Shelves; Video Goes Viral and Strangers Give Him $120K

A young man's kind gesture towards a teen with autism has prompted an outpouring of adoration and support for both of them.

When Strangers on a Plane Hear Teacher Talk About Her Students, Everyone Opens Their Wallets

LISTEN to this story here, as told by The Good News Guru, from Friday’s radio broadcast with Ellen K and the GNN founder, on KOST-103.5 — Or, READ the story...

When Strangers on a Plane Overhear Teacher Talk About Her Students, Everyone Opens Their Wallets (Podcast)

A young teacher's love for her students at 40,000 feet was so tangible that fellow passengers started giving her wads of cash to ‘do...