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China Achieves Notable Success of Reaching Ultra-Low Emissions in Advance of the 2020 Goal

China reached its ultra-low emission goals from 2015 three years ahead of schedule—and their emissions are apparently even lower than previously estimated.

Ocean Cleanup Makes History by Successfully Collecting First Plastic From Great Pacific Garbage Patch

For the first time in history, activists have cleaned up some of the trash from the Great Pacific Garbage Patch—and they will quickly collect much more.

Kids Are Hailed as ‘Junior Detectives’ After They Successfully Track Down Missing 97-Year-old With Dementia

These five children spent their Monday evening searching for a missing person—and adults were surprised and impressed by the youngsters' success.

Say Goodbye to Temporary Fillings: Scientists Successfully Use a Gel to Regrow Tooth Enamel

Loose dental fillings may soon be a thing of the past now that Chinese scientists have uncovered how to reproduce tooth enamel that will repair itself.

Conservationists Successfully Swoop in to Save Last of Known Endangered Frog Species Just in the Nick of Time

These endangered amphibians had been struggling to survive in a dried up riverbed when Chilean conservationists came to their rescue last month.

American Brothers Successfully Save Irish Girl Swept Out to Sea in Serendipitous Twist of Fate (GNN Podcast)

Hear the Good News Guru tell the tale of 4 American brothers in Ireland for a funeral who saved a little girl on a serendipitous day with a magical meaning.

American Brothers Successfully Save Irish Girl Who Was Swept Out to Sea in Serendipitous Twist of Fate

Four American brothers who were in Ireland for their grandfather's funeral ended up saving a little girl and her father on a very serendipitous day.

Researchers Have Successfully Made First-Ever Robotic Arm That Can Be Controlled By Your Mind

For the first time ever, researchers have created a robotic arm that can be non-invasively controlled by the user's mind.

Successful Trials Give Green Light to ‘Heart Patches’ That Will Be Tested on Heart Attack Survivors

These tiny bandaids have been successful in regenerating damaged hearts – and they are now ready to be tested on human heart attack survivors.

After Five-Year Campaign, Woman Successfully Rallies a Nation to Protect 763,000 Square Miles of Ocean

Over 763,000 square miles of ocean are now protected from pollution, seabed mining, and overfishing thanks to one 48-year-old marine conservationist. Jacqueline Evans is the...

Success of Advanced-Stage Parkinson’s Treatment is ‘Beyond Researcher’s Wildest Dreams’

Researchers are using spinal implants to improve motor function in Parkinson's patients – and the results are particularly exciting.

First American With Drug-Resistant Epilepsy Has Great Success With Newly-Approved ‘Brain Stimulation’

This newly-approved procedure was recently carried out on the first American patient with drug-resistant epilepsy – and it has worked wonderfully.

‘Proton Therapy’ is Noninvasive Treatment for High-Risk Cancers – In Use Today With ‘Excellent’ Success Rate

This “game-changing” treatment also comes with a minimal amount of side effects – and it has been shown to be less costly than traditional radiation.

Tree-Planting Drones Have Successfully Planted Thousands of Saplings – and They’re About to Plant More

These little robots are resuscitating hundreds of acres of degraded land – and they could soon be deployed to plant many more trees around the world.

Adidas Test to Sell Shoes Made of Ocean Plastic Was So Successful, They’re Going Even Further

Adidas has spent the last four years curbing ocean pollution by recycling plastic beach waste into shoes – and because their customers have been so...

Woman Quits Successful City Career So She Can Live in the Woods With Over 100 Rescued Animals

Even though she had been enjoying a successful career as a wedding photographer, Daria Pushkareva had always longed for something more.

After Success of First 3D-Printed Home in US, 50 More Homes Are Being Built for Poor Families

Anyone with basic construction experience can build the 3D-printed homes in less than 48 hours.

Simple Mistake in the Kitchen Turns into Sweet Success for a Homeless Veteran

Want to LISTEN to this story? Hear the segment HERE from The Good News Guru (GNN’s founder) on our Friday radio broadcast with Ellen K on KOST-103.5. Or, Continue READING...

Simple Mistake in the Kitchen Turns into Sweet Smell of Success for a Homeless Veteran

Stefan DeArno is out of the homeless shelter thanks to his charm, kindness, and a fortunate accident made in a kitchen—meet the Reverend Cornbread Co.

As Thank You For Successfully Petitioning Metallica to Play New Zealand, Prime Minister Surprises Fan

Metallica is William Bush's favorite band, but they have not toured in teenager’s home country of New Zealand since he was 5 years old—many years...