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84 Siberian Tigers Born Since March

Eighty-four Siberian tigers have been born since March at a breeding center in China — great news for a rare species that is believed to...

Buddhists Coexist with Tigers at Sanctuary

A remarkable monastery in Thailand cares for wild animals which are being squeezed off their land by too much development.  A video shows tigers...
amur tiger cub tracks, photo by wwf

Amur Tiger Cubs Born in Southeast Siberia for First Time in Over 100 Years

VLADIVOSTOK — The first birth of Amur tiger cubs in over a century has been reported in southeast Siberia, according to World Wildlife Fund. Scientists...

Good News in History, October 23

Happy 65th Birthday to Ang Lee, who was a stay-at-home dad before gaining fame for directing the Oscar-winning films Brokeback Mountain and Life of...

Good News in History, October 18

65 years ago today, the first transistor radio was sold by Texas Instruments and Regency Division of I.D.E.A. Rather than the large vacuum tubes...

Denmark Buys Country’s Last Remaining Circus Elephants for $1.6 Million So They Can Retire

The four circus elephants will now be able to live out the rest of their days in happy retirement thanks to the Danish government.

Good News in History, July 23

Happy Birthday to Harry Potter—the actor Daniel Radcliffe—who turns 30 years old today. At age 11, he was cast as Potter in the debut...

109 Countries Coordinate Sting Operation to Seize Illegally-Captured Wildlife, Leading to 600 Arrests

Interpol announced the success of its largest-ever coordinated seizure in history, capturing wildlife traffickers and their ill-gotten specimens.

In a Town That Straddles Two Different US States, the Border Actually Brings People Together

Despite how some regional borders tend to divide their communities, this state line has actually served to bring two towns together.

Dozens of Creatures Thought to Be Extinct Found Alive in ‘Lost City’ in the Jungle (Photos)

These stunning discoveries mean that conservationists can now better protect the region from deforestation and habitat loss.

In Landmark Case, More Than 200 Wild and Endangered Animals Rescued From Canadian Roadside Zoo

More than 200 exotic animals have been given a second lease on life after they were rescued from an unaccredited roadside zoo in Quebec.

This Icelandic Facility is Capturing CO2 Emissions So They Can Turn It All into Stone

This fascinating carbon capture system could be a groundbreaking new tool in the fight against greenhouse gas pollution and climate change.

Good News in History, April 13

40 years ago today, the longest doubles table tennis match finally ended. Lasting more than four days, the ping pong marathon involved four Americans:...

Living With Nature: A Four-Course Meal of Natural Audio Wonders Recorded by the BBC

Throughout our daily lives, we probably don't pay much attention to the sounds around us—the dripping of the coffee maker, the steady turnover of...

Anonymous $2 Million Gift for Sanctuary Will Help Retire Hundreds of Chimps From Research Facilities

A stranger's anonymous multi-million dollar donation is set to help over 200 chimpanzees enjoy a well-deserved retirement from research facilities.

In One Week, Two US States Become First in Nation to Ban Wild Animal Use in Circus Acts

Earlier this month, New Jersey became the first American state to ban the use of any wild animals from being used in circus performances....

This Movie Star Lives Such a Simple and Happy Life, He’s Giving His $714 Million Net Worth to Charity

The “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon” star has no need for fancy clothes or sports cars. In fact, he only recently replaced his Nokia phone after 17 years.

Rainbow Appears Over Aretha Franklin Tribute in Detroit

The Queen of Soul spent most of her life in Detroit – so when city spectators were paying homage to her passing, they were stunned to see a rainbow appear.

No More Cages: New Animal Cracker Packaging Sets Mascots Free to Represent the Changing Times

This new Nabisco packaging is just one way to show that the times are a-changin' to show that more and more people are caring about animal rights.

After Planting a Tree Every Day for 40 Years, Man Has Created Blossoming Forest on Barren Wasteland

This man has been planting a tree every day since he was just 16 years old. Now, almost 40 years later, he has grown...