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Elephant Whisperer Saves the Baghdad Zoo in Wartime

In 2003 while the US armed forces were invading the Iraqi capital, a Zululand conservationist undertook a wartime rescue of the Baghdad Zoo and...

Chance Reunion Offers Return of Championship Ring After 30 Years

In 1976 I met Bernie Tiger in freshman drafting class at Madison, NJ High School. He didn't play football that year, his family was...

Indonesia Reaches Historic Agreement To Protect World’s Most Endangered Tropical Forests

Indonesian authorities have pledged to stop the devastating loss of forests and species in Sumatra, one of the world's most ecologically important hotspots. To...

Quickly Attract Things You Want NOW: New Tool

I am starting to use an incredible new tool for attracting into my life everything I desire for the future -- and, quicker than...

Sanctuary Rescues Lions From Concrete Pens

Nine cubs, and an adult lion and a tiger, rescued from bleak Romanian zoos sniffed the grass and began purring loudly, taking their first...
the road leads ever on

10 Qualities To Help You Reach Your Dreams (Part One)

Looking at successful people, like actor Harrison Ford, author Maya Angelou, singer Gloria Estefan, and cyclist Lance Armstrong, we wonder: How did they do...
dad and daughters

How to Get Closer to Your Dad (Book Review)

Like many people's relationship with their father, mine has never been very close. Yet, if he died today I would be very sorry I...

Making the World Safe for Big Cats

Explorer Alan Rabinowitz creates havens for tigers, jaguars, and leopards. (CS Monitor)

Flowers – A Cure for Winter Blues?

For those who may experience the winter blues in the cold dark months ahead, a new study reveals fresh flowers can be a natural...
Jaguar Bjørn Christian Tørrissen

Jaguars Returning to U.S.

It seemed that jaguars were gone from the United States. The cat's historic range extended from northeastern Argentina through Brazil, Central America, Mexico and...
Sri Lanka flag

Sri Lankans Endorse Peace Talks with Insurgents

Sri Lankans overwhelmingly elected local officials from the country's ruling party today signaling a thumbs up to President Mahinda Rajapake for his handling of...

Saving Wildlife Also Helps Reduce Poverty

A World Wildlife Fund report this week says that efforts to save pandas and tigers and gorillas can also reduce poverty and improve the...

Why Good News? Counting the Benefits

Good news is often considered too soft and unimportant to be valuable in one’s real life. The truth is, good news can create concrete,...