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First-of-its-Kind National Theater Festival for Veterans Using Drama to Find Emotional Resilience

A nonprofit theater organization that pairs the works of Shakespeare with military veterans struggling to find relief, is proud to announce the first-ever National...

When Dog Saves Owner From Suicide, the Army Veteran Starts Chain of ‘Pawing’ It Forward

Dogs are typically described as “man's best friend,” but Moxie the golden retriever is so much more than that to her owner. Christy Gardner is...

Simple Mistake in the Kitchen Turns into Sweet Success for a Homeless Veteran

Want to LISTEN to this story? Hear the segment HERE from The Good News Guru (GNN’s founder) on our Friday radio broadcast with Ellen K on KOST-103.5. Or, Continue READING...

Simple Mistake in the Kitchen Turns into Sweet Smell of Success for a Homeless Veteran

Stefan DeArno is out of the homeless shelter thanks to his charm, kindness, and a fortunate accident made in a kitchen—meet the Reverend Cornbread Co.

Watch George H. W. Bush’s Service Dog Take the Most Adorable Vow of Service to Bring Joy to Veterans

Sully the yellow Labrador was recently sworn in for his new job serving at a veterans hospital, and the ceremony was pawsitively adorable.

Watch ‘Lieutenant Dan’s’ Emotional Reaction to Heartfelt Thank-You Video From Veterans

Gary Sinise, the actor best known for his role as Lieutenant Dan, was recently given an emotional surprise thank you-video for his years of charity work.

Cuando el Veterano de la Segunda Guerra Mundial se Entristece por la llegada de Su Cumpleaños, 50.000 Extraños le dan una Razón para Sonreír

A pesar que los 96 años de edad son un logro impresionante para este veterano de la segunda guerra mundial, Duane Sherman había sido...

Video UPDATE: Veteran Gets to Meet, Reward Detroit Teen Girls Who Returned Wallet With Cash

Yesterday afternoon, smiles and hugs filled the front room in this West Detroit home where, just days earlier, somber resolve that a disabled veteran...

Veteran Given 4 Months to Live Transforms Polluted Creek – and Gets 27 Additional Years Because of It (Podcast)

Disabled veteran Jon Beal dedicated himself to nursing a polluted creek back to health—and his passion ended up extending his own life decades beyond a doctor's diagnosis.

When WWII Veteran is Saddened By Upcoming Birthday, 50,000 Strangers Give Him Reason to Smile

Thousands of people from around the world took some time out of their day to cheer a WWII vet for his birthday – and their kindness made a huge difference.

Veterano Que Se Le Dio 4 Meses De Vida Transforma Arroyo Contaminado – y Vive 27 Años Más Debido a Éso

A pesar de que John Beal logró llegar a casa con su familia después de la guerra de Vietnam, él aún estaba en una...

Veteran and His Wife Donate All of Their Worldly Possessions to California Firefighters

A compassionate combat veteran and his wife are donating almost all of their worldly possessions to firefighters who were combatting the blaze in Paradise,...

7-Year-old Boy Has Helped Thousands of Veterans After Watching a Video About Homelessness

7-year-old Tyler Stallings may not have superpowers, but in light of how many people he’s helped, he definitely deserves to wear a cape: the...

Veteran Who Was Given 4 Months to Live Transforms Polluted Creek – and Lives 27 Years Longer Because of It

Jon Beal dedicated years of his life to nursing a polluted creek back to health – and it ended up rewarding him with more years of life in return.

Santa Claus Melts Hearts By Getting Down on One Knee to Thank WWII Veteran for His Service

Santa Claus took a break from chatting with his adoring young fans to get down on one knee and thank 93-year-old Bob Smiley for his service in WWII.

Town Surprises Man by Replacing Truck He’s Used to Transport Veterans for 20 Years

For the last 40 years, Ron Elliott has been using a special pick-up truck to transport the bodies of dead Vietnam veterans to their...

Homeless Veteran Asks for Nothing, But Town Insists On Helping Him Anyway

While some towns rally around high school athletic teams, this community has found common ground in their care and appreciation for a homeless man...

American Trucker Spontaneously Buying Dinner for Canadian Veterans — One of His ‘Greatest Memories’

This American trucker said that his son inspired him to do something kind for veterans – even if they happened to be from another country.

Veterans Are Finding Peace From PTSD Through ‘Float Therapy’

Veterans across the U.S. are finding an extraordinary source of relief from their pain and PTSD thanks to floatation therapy, an alternative treatment for...

94-Year-old Veteran Has Spent a Decade Cheering on Students With Life Advice and Fist Bumps

Every day for the last ten years, Wally Richardson has stood outside of a local middle school so he can cheer up the youngsters with wisdom and fist bumps.