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A Paw and a Prayer: Pilots Save Shelter Animals

Lady Di is a lovely purebred collie with a pleasant disposition, just like many of dogs dumped at shelters which euthanize animals by...

Tax Breaks to Encourage Pet Adoptions

Assemblyman Cameron Smyth, from Santa Clarita, CA, has introduced legislation to provide a tax deduction, allowing individuals to deduct the adoption fees of...

Countries Agree on Plan to Save Animals

Over one hundred countries are taking action to save endangered livestock breeds using genetic stockpiling to preserve a wide variety of species, according to...

Watch Uber Driver Surprise Passengers With Shelter Pups

Jonathan Guarano wanted to raise awareness for animal adoption – so he brought these perfect pups along for his passengers to love.

Brewery Gives Free Case of Beer to Anyone Who Adopts Abused Dog at Local Shelter

In order to encourage people to adopt, this Hungarian brewery is giving away free crates of personalized beer to anyone who adopts one of...

Millionaire Leaves Business to Create Sanctuary for Doomed Cats (Video)

One man has made it his mission to create a Shangri-La for unwanted and troubled cats. As Richard Schlesinger reports, sometimes animals with the...

Girl Had Only Been Volunteering at Pet Shelter for Two Days When She Was Reunited With Lost Cat From Childhood

Hannah Rountree had not seen her cat Spunky in three years—at least until he reappeared at the animal shelter she had only just started volunteering for.

Hotel Helps Dogs Get Adopted By Allowing Long-Term Guests to Foster Shelter Pups During Their Stay

Since launching the program back in October 2018, the Home 2 Suites has helped 33 shelter dogs find their forever homes.

Shelter Believes Dogs Deserve the Spirit of Christmas, Too–Watch the Excitement as Santa Brings Bag Full of Goodies

Romanian animal shelter Sava's Safe Haven believes homeless animals deserve to feel the spirit of Christmas, so lovingly calls on Santa for gifts.

This is the World’s First Beer Taproom That Also Houses Foster Dogs Rescued From Kill Shelters

Since the bar opened back in 2018, they have helped to find forever homes for more than 70 pups rescued from California kill shelters.

In Most Wholesome Facebook Post Ever, Thousands of Dog Lovers Describe Their Pups for a Blind Man

Thousands of people wrote out the most detailed descriptions of their pups so a blind man in a dogspotting Facebook group could be included on the fun.

Woman Who Lives With 27 Sick Dogs Dubbed ‘Miracle Worker’ After Getting Paralyzed Pups to Walk Again

No matter their disability or demands, Claire-Louise Nixon will not turn down a dog who is in need of her miracle-working physical therapy and love.

Man Moves into Shelter Kennel So He Can Help Unwanted Pup Get Adopted

Since this sweet pup has spent more than 400 days at a Kansas animal shelter, an animal lover has moved in with her to help raise awareness for her plight.

After Spending Life in Cage, Rescue Dog is Adopted By Senior Care Home the Day Before She Was to Be Euthanized

This 6-year-old pup now brings joy to the residents of a Maryland nursing home after she was rescued from euthanasia just in the nick of time.

Delaware Becomes First US State to Achieve ‘No-Kill’ Status for Shelter Pets

With almost 12,000 animals being saved from euthanization, Delaware has just become the first to achieve statewide “no-kill” status.

6-Legged Puppy Given the Perfect Forever Home After She Was Adopted By Bullied Boy

Since this adorable 8-week-old puppy was born with six legs, there was a strong chance that her breeders were going to have her euthanized. Now...

Guy Dressed as Batman Has Rescued Dozens of Shelter Pets From Euthanasia

This real-life superhero has rescued dozens of shelter pets in distress – and he has done it all while trying to stay anonymously dressed as Batman.
service dogs at Princeton University college- part of RUSEPRC

College is Pairing Service-Dogs-in-Training With Stressed Students Who Could Use a Furry Friend

College can be stressful for any young adult – but one university club has been cheering anxious students with guide dogs who could use the experience.

Good News in History, April 30

80 years ago today, the New York World‘s Fair opened, featuring The World of Tomorrow — a prophetic vision of the future that included...

This Dog’s Adoration for His Food Bowl Got Him Adopted Just in the Nick of Time

This sweet pup may not have found a forever home this month if it had not been for his beloved metal food bowl.