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This T-Shirt Monitors the Asthma Patient’s Breathing Without Any Wires

This "smart" t-shirt could be a huge breakthrough for people suffering from respiratory illnesses. The light, comfortable shirt developed by researchers at the Université Laval...

Asthma Drug Shows Promise For Treating Alcoholism

UCLA researchers have found that an anti-inflammatory drug primarily used in Japan to treat asthma could help people overcome alcoholism. Their study is the first...

Kids Who Have Puppies Or Ponies Also Have Lower Asthma Risk

Science has just given every boy and girl ample evidence to argue their case for a new puppy— kids with dogs are less likely...

Little Boy Transforms As Superhero in Comic Book For Kids w/ Asthma

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No… it’s the asthmatic boy wonder! A regular six-year-old kid with asthma has become the lead superhero in a...

Farm Dust Prevents Child Allergies, Could Lead to Asthma Vaccine

The secret to an effective allergy and asthma vaccine may be down on the farm, swirling in the dust that farmers kick up while...
jogging in November-Flickr-CC-Ed Yourdon

Wearable Sensors Will Help Runners, Asthmatics Find Less Polluted Routes

Outdoor athletes looking for a breath of fresh air might soon find it more easily with the help of a new tracking device. Spec Sensors, a...

Asthma Could Be Cured Within 5 Years With This New Breakthrough

Asthma could be cured in five years now that scientists have found the ‘switch’ that can turn off triggers that cause the condition in...

New Device Gives Early Warning of Asthma Attack in Kids

Matt Fischer has been an asthmatic all his life. He remembers having fun with childhood friends one minute, then suddenly being laid out on...

Asthma Inhalers Going Green

By the end of the year 22 million asthma patients will be breathing with the help of new environmentally friendly inhalers.  The current inhalers...

Tree-Lined Streets Cut Asthma

Children who live on tree-lined streets have lower rates of asthma, a New York-based study suggests, finding that asthma rates among young children fell...

Good News in History, October 27

Happy Birthday to comedic actor and writer John Cleese who turns 80 years old today. While studying law at Cambridge, he joined the theater...

People With Diabetes May One Day Be Monitoring Glucose With an Earring

Continuity contains a wearable “earring” glucose sensor with vibration alert, an insulin-mist pump, and wireless connectivity that sends data to a doctor and cell phones.

Good News in History, September 8

Happy Birthday to the singer-songwriter Pink, who turns 40 years old today. Before fame, she dreamed of being an Olympic athlete from Pennsylvania, but...

California is Protecting Youngsters From Air Pollution By Deploying Hundreds of Electric School Buses

About 90% of the new all-electric school buses will be deployed for operation in California's most disadvantaged communities.

What You Never Learned About Fiber and Why It May Be Exactly What You Need for Stubborn Ailments

Most people know that fiber is good for indigestion, but there is actually a lot more to why it's particularly essential for our health and longevity.

Muslim Doctors Use Ohio Mosque to Open First Free Clinic in the Region – and It’s Open to Everyone

This free clinic may be run by Muslim doctors, but they are opening their doors to uninsured patients from all religions and walks of life.

Sea Salt Could Help Beat a Common Cold, Study Suggests

New research from the University of Edinburgh shows that gargling and clearing the nose with salt water solutions may help to beat the common cold.

New Study Says That By Changing the Air We Breathe, Migraine Attacks Can Be Treated Without Medicine

Since the randomized study showed such promise amongst asthma patients, researchers will soon be conducting a much larger clinical trial.

Put These 5 Plants In Your Bedroom Window for a Better Night’s Sleep

Studies conducted by NASA have proven that several of these plant species can lead to a better night's sleep and better air quality.

10 Years After Banning Lead Paint and Other Hazards for U.S. Kids, These Are the Results

This groundbreaking piece of legislation was passed in 2008 with bipartisan support – 10 years later, here are the exciting results.