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California Becomes First State to Feed Chronically Ill With Specially Prescribed Meals

The “Food is Medicine” initiative launched in California, making it the first state to have a pilot program that will use food to help treat chronically ill patients.

California Set to Become First US State Requiring Solar Panels on New Homes

The state of California is poised to become the first US state to make solar panels a mandatory addition to most newly-built homes. The state's...

Seattle to Vacate and Dismiss Old Marijuana Charges Following California’s Lead

Because the city has already legalized marijuana possession, the mayor is now working to erase misdemeanor charges for thousands of state residents who received convictions before the ruling.

The Last Straw: California is the Latest to Take Action on Single-Use Plastic Straws

Plastic pollution sucks – which is why these regions and businesses are ditching plastic straws in favor of more environmentally friendly options.

California is Allowing One Million Residents Convicted of Weed Charges to Wipe Slate Clean

Thanks to the groundbreaking legislation that went into full effect on January 1st, over one million California residents can have their past marijuana-related felonies...

Tech Billionaires Make Largest Donation Ever to Preserve 24,000 Acres of California Coastline

Thanks to a $165 million donation from two tech billionaires, over 24,000 acres of pristine California coastline will be permanently protected in the years...

Rob Lowe Opens Home – and Kitchen – to Dozens of California Firefighters

The “Parks and Recreation” actor wanted to express his gratitude to the firefighters who were tirelessly working to protect his Californian community.

Watch Man Pull Over to Rescue Rabbit Trapped by California Wildfires

The man's courageous actions has made him a viral hero amidst news of the Ventura County wildfires in California.

California Woman Escapes Wildfires On Bike Carrying Her 70-Pound Pit Bull

Natasha Wallace will go through hell and high water – or in this case, wildfires – in order to rescue her 4-year-old pit bull,...

California Becomes First State to Ban Pet Shop Sales of Non-Rescued Animals

The bill has become the first statewide piece of legislation to take a direct stance against puppy mills and the sale of commercially bred animals.

Anonymous Woman Picks Up $400 Tab For Firefighters After Their Work on California Blaze

It had been a long day for these 25 California firefighters. The team had spent the evening fighting the 70-acre La Cadena blaze in La...

California Sun Produces So Much Power That Electricity Prices Turn Negative

California girls aren't the only things that are melting popsicles this spring. This new report shows that the beautiful, blazin' California sun was so strong...

Pup Rescued From Meat Festival Now Frolicks on a Beautiful Vineyard in California

As the notorious Yulin Dog Meat Festival approaches, there will be more and more focus on the dogs of China. Here in the USA and...

Heavy Rains and Snow Helping California Out of Drought

This time last year, 97% of California was suffering from brutal drought conditions – now thanks to heavy rain and snow, it's only about 60%.

California Town is Offering Free College Courses for Residents and Workers

Earning a Bachelor's degree in the costly environment of Silicon Valley can be difficult for working adults – but maybe not anymore.

Ireland is Creating the Largest Grove of Redwoods Outside of California

In an effort to preserve the woodland titans, the Birr Castle Gardens in Ireland will plant the largest patch of redwoods outside of California.

Hundreds of Whimsical Scarecrows Line the Streets of Amazing California Town

You may have seen scarecrows erected in farmers’ fields to ward off pests, but if you run into these lifelike sculptures on a dark...

California Governor Signs Ban on Orca Breeding and Entertainment

This bill will ensure that killer whales will no longer have to suffer the abuse of ocean parks and captive breeding in California.

California Bans Use of Harmful Devices Against Captive Elephants

Following Rhode Island's example, the West coast state has just signed a bill that will give severe civil penalties for the use of cruel training tools.

California Breaks Solar Record, Generates Enough Electricity for 6 Million Homes

The San Francisco Chronicle calculated that California’s solar power plants on Tuesday generated enough electricity for more than 6 million homes. On July 12, several...