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Researchers Develop ‘Holy Grail’ Eye Drop to Prevent, Treat Cataracts Without Surgery

For millions of people whose vision is clouded by cataracts, surgery has been the only option. Soon, they may be able to treat–and even...

After Years of Hiking All Over Nepal, This Eye Doctor Has Restored Vision to Over 130,000 People

This ophthalmologist has personally hiked all over Nepal in order to restore vision to the blind with a simple, minutes-long surgery.

The Ozone Hole is Healing and May Be Completely Repaired Within Our Lifetimes, Says UN Report

This new United Nations report illustrates just what humanity can accomplishment if it works together to save its home planet.

Hundreds of People Are Being Cured of Blindness Every Day With Cheap, Minutes-Long Surgery

There are millions of blind people around the world who are unable to see the gorgeous world before them – but this organization is...

Thousands of Blind Dogs Get New Leash on Life With This Wearable Device

Sylvie Bordeaux was heartbroken when her toy poodle Muffin started going blind from cataracts in his eyes. His vision problems came after Muffin was subjected...

The Most Impressive Health and Wellness Developments of 2016

2016 has been a chaotic year – but that doesn't mean that we haven't made groundbreaking new strides in health and medicine.

Eye Drops May Promise a Stunning Alternative to Cataract Surgery

Eye drops that have partially reversed cataracts in lab tests could one day restore sight for millions of people around the world. While operations to...

17-Year-Old Blind Pole Vaulter Wins Bronze at State Championship

Pole vaulting is a tough sport for anyone to master–and it’s that much tougher when you can’t see anything at all.
doctor Geoff Tabin comforts poor- from ITN video

Three Days, Three Surgeons, More Than 1000 Regain Sight

The curse of cataracts leads to blindness in millions of the world's poorest adults. After years of darkness, they are now seeing the light,...
eye exam app Peep Vision

Eye Exam App Brings Previously Unavailable Care to Kenya

A smartphone app is now diagnosing cataracts and other eye-related problems for people in developing countries. The Portable Eye Examination Kit (Peek) includes an...
Ozone hole 2008-NASA

Ozone Hole Shrinks: 25 Years of Montreal Protocol is Model of International Cooperation

The international agreement unveiled 25 years ago on September 16 to phase out chemicals harmful to the Earth’s ozone shield continues to reap results...
Orangutan with twins- Sumatran Orangutan Conservation Programme

Blind Orangutan Receives Cataract Surgery, Sees her Babies for First Time

A formerly blind orangutan has been given the remarkable gift of being able to see her baby twins for the first time after undergoing...
guide dog file photo

Blind Man Keeps His Old Guide Dog After it Loses its Sight

After six years of loyal service, Graham Waspe was devastated when his guide dog Edward was left blind after developing cataracts. Instead of discarding...
Amalaki fruit growing in foothills of the Himalayan Mountains

Ancient Fruit Shows Promise For Modern Healing

Amalaki, a simple fruit from India, has been a superstar of eastern medicine for thousands of years. Unknown in the west, the fruit has a...
blue sky

China Closes Ozone Depleting Chemical Plants

China, the world's largest producer of ozone depleting chemicals, chlorofluorocarbons (CFC) and halon, has shut down five of its six remaining plants and banned...

20 Muslim Inventions that Shaped Our World

1001 Inventions: Discover the Muslim Heritage in Our World is an exhibition which began a tour of the UK this week at the Science...