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In Helping His Dad With Diabetes, Young Mexican Chemist Pioneers Healthy—and Cheap—Sugar Substitute

When 18-year old Javier Larragoiti was told his father had been diagnosed with diabetes, the young man, who had just started studying chemical engineering...

This Compound in Tomato Skins Could Ward Off Diabetes, According to Scientists

The research team is one the first to link the compound to improved insulin production – and they are now working on making it into a feasible treatment.

Lower Risk of Type 1 Diabetes in Children Vaccinated Against ‘Stomach Flu’ Virus

In the study, over 1.5 million children who received the free vaccine were far less likely to develop type 1 diabetes later in life.

Los Pacientes con Diabetes Pronto Podrían Despedirse de las Agujas, Gracias a Estas Cápsulas Desarrolladas por el MIT

Nueva píldora podría proveer insulina Cápsula que libera insulina en el estómago podría remplazar a las inyecciones para los pacientes con diabetes tipo 2. Escrito por...

Diabetes Patients May Soon Be Able to Say Goodbye to Needles, Thanks to These Capsules From MIT

Insulin shots may soon be a thing of the past now that MIT researchers have developed an oral capsule to deliver insulin.

‘For the First Time’, Researchers Use Healthy Stem Cells for Future Type 1 Diabetes Cure

Researchers have made a major breakthrough in developing a cure for type 1 diabetes – and human trials are set to begin soon.

‘Groundbreaking’ Type 1 Diabetes Drug Has Just Been Trialed on First Human Patients–With No Side Effects

The research facility is now looking for more adult patients to participate in the treatment.

Kind Cop Replaces Stolen Groceries for Man Who Fainted From Diabetes in the Parking Lot

When a “groggy-looking” customer walked up to Koryciak in a Walmart, she did not hesitate to help the man, even if it required opening up her own wallet.

8-Year Study Shows That Simple Treatment Can Reverse Type 1 Diabetes to Almost Undetectable Levels!

This groundbreaking new study shows that a 100-year-old tuberculosis treatment can be used to reverse the effects of type 1 diabetes.

Diabetes Drug ‘Significantly Reverses Memory Loss’ in Mice With Alzheimer’s

A drug developed for diabetes could be used to treat Alzheimer's after scientists found it “significantly reversed memory loss” in mice through a triple...

These 5 Medical Breakthroughs May Help You Manage Your Diabetes

Diabetes is among the most widespread and most troubling health problems in the United States. Keeping the disease in check requires constant vigilance and...

MIT is Developing Color-Changing Tattoos that Can Monitor Your Diabetes in Real Time

Your future tattoo design might be good for more than just personal style – they might be able to monitor our body's health in...

Scientists Cure Type 1 Diabetes for a Year Without Side Effects

A potential cure for Type 1 diabetes looms on the horizon – and the novel approach would also allow Type 2 diabetics to stop...

Smart Watches Can Detect Illness, Diabetes, and Disease

According to a new study, your smart watch will be able to detect lyme disease, oxygen deprivation, illness, and diabetes.

Platypus Venom Could Hold Key to Diabetes Treatment

Researchers have recently discovered that the same glucose-regulating hormone in the platypus's gut is also found in its venom.

Mexico’s Sugary Beverage Tax Likely to Reduce Diabetes, Health Costs

The national 10% tax on sugar-sweetened beverages (SSBs) in Mexico is projected to have a substantial impact on the burden of diabetes, cardiovascular diseases,...

Puppy Saves Life of Sleeping Boy Unaware of Diabetes Threat

The force is strong between Luke and his Labrador Jedi —strong enough to have saved the boy’s life last week. When the seven-year-old’s blood sugar...

Finally, Diabetes Rates Are Falling Substantially in the U.S.

One in five people in the US population is not developing diabetes like they used to — the first sustained improvement in 25 years. The...

Study Shows Drinking Coffee Could Cut Risk of Diabetes by Half

  Besides a jolt of caffeine to get you through your day, a long-term study shows that coffee may have additional ‘perks’… Researchers say an inflammation-lowering...

Insulin Pills, Artificial Pancreas Offer Hope of Easier Diabetes Treatments

Insulin pills and an artificial pancreas are two new tools being tested for preventing and treating diabetes. Each could free patients from daily blood...