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‘All my pain disappears’: South Korean Seniors Are Finding Healing in New Nightclub for the Elderly

Dozens of South Korean men and women over the age of 65 are benefiting from a groundbreaking new source of therapy: dancing at a local nightclub.

Social Media is Melting Over This Adorable Photo of a Dog Awaiting His Elderly Owner’s Treatment

This adorable photo of an anxious dog awaiting his owner's return is being shared across social media.

Elderly Man Gazing Fondly at His Date in McDonald’s Inspires Thousands of Romantics Online

A simple moment of affection between an elderly couple in McDonald's has won the hearts of thousands of internet users since it was uploaded last week.

Police Officers Return to Elderly Couple’s Home So They Could Fix Wheelchair Ramp in Dire Need of Repair

A team of compassionate police officers went above and beyond the call of duty last week when they met an elderly couple who could...

Watch Police Officer’s Viral Video of Three Young Rappers Helping Elderly Woman Get into Her Car

Officer Carnegie was about to help the older couple when she saw three young men offer their assistance – so she pulled out her phone and started filming.

Watch Police Officer Give Piggyback Ride to Elderly Man Struggling to Cross Busy Road

This elderly man still had seven lanes of traffic to cross when the pedestrian light turned red – but thankfully, there was a kind cop on hand to help.

Packers Player Spotted Helping Elderly Stranger Through the Airport When No One Else Was Around

Jermaine Gresham isn't the only football player who is helping strangers at the airport this week.

Boy Stops Traffic So He Can Help Elderly Stranger Climb a Set of Stairs

The 8-year-old was sad to see that the senior was alone – so he asked his mom if he could get out of the car to help.

When Elderly Woman Fell Ill, Her 7-Year-old Bestie Began Checking Up On Her 5 Times a Day

While some youngsters might be outside playing with other kids their age, this 7-year-old boy is ‘going viral’ for his unique friendship with a...

Elderly Dog Stays With Lost 3-Year-old Through the Night Before Leading Rescuers Right to Her

Not only is Max the dog deaf and partially blind, but he also had the resilience to stay with the youngster in the rugged, rainy Australian bushland.

Dog Leads Confused Owner To Missing Elderly Woman Knee-Deep In Dark Pond Water

A dog named after Batman is being credited with helping a woman get back home to her family when she was lost in a...

Cubs Fans Help Elderly Man With Cancer Enjoy Playoff Game: ‘I just love this!’

Chicago Cubs fans aren't just die-hard enthusiasts – they are also compassionate spectators as well. Lauren Hinkston Hintzsche and her husband were at the playoff...

Mom Cries When Elderly Stranger Tells Why He Gave Her Son $20

This mother never thought that she would be crying over stuffed animals from Target – but after a visit to the store earlier this...

Watch Stag Climb to Elderly Woman’s Window Twice a Day For a Snack

This 80-year-old woman may not be Snow White – but she's enchanted quite a wild friend to keep her company in the woods. Every day...

Repo Man Who Paid Off Elderly Couple’s Car Returns Now to Care For Widow

Jimmy Ford made national headlines in November after he gave an elderly couple the Thanksgiving surprise of a lifetime – and now he's back...

Watch Heroes Rush to Save Elderly Woman From Oncoming Train

These good samaritans didn't hesitate leaping into action when they saw an elderly woman was in danger of being hit by a train. An 89-year-old...

Elderly Cancer Patient Surprised With Trip to His Beloved TV Show (WATCH)

Richard Cunningham has made sure to never miss an episode of the Price Is Right – but now for the first time ever, he's...

Strangers Save Elderly Resident From Having to Leave Nursing Home

Carrie Lou Rausch has lived in the same nursing home for the last three years. The money she received from selling her childhood home has been...

Mailman Builds Ramp for Elderly Dog Struggling With Stairs

Tashi had become too old to maneuver the front porch steps everyday – that's why his mailman buddy decided to lend a hand.

Muslim-Owned Restaurant Offers Free Christmas Meal For Homeless and Elderly

The Shish Restaurant in London is giving free 3-course meals to the elderly and homeless because “no one should be alone on Christmas”.