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Robert Downey Jr. is Creating a Foundation That Will Use Robots to Clean Up the Environment

This latest announcement from the Marvel actor is just another example of how Robert Downey Jr. is indeed the real-life Tony Stark.

Disabled Workers Can Fulfill Their Love of Catering by Controlling Restaurant Robots From Home

This robot café could offer a creative new avenue of income and social interaction to disabled people who can no longer work in a restaurant setting.

Thousands of Leading AI Researchers Sign Pledge Against Lethal Robots

Over 2,400 leading leading scientists and researchers specializing in artificial intelligence have taken a firm stance against wielding their technology in a lethal way. Demis...

Solar-Powered, Weed-Killing Robots Could Save Farmers Billions of Dollars on Herbicides

Instead of charging farmers money for blindly spraying an entire crop field with herbicide, these autonomous robots are ready to disrupt a multi-billion dollar agrochemical industry.

Robots Will 3-D Print a Bridge over Amsterdam Canal Using Molten Steel (WATCH)

A revolutionary bridge project in the Netherlands will use 3-D printing robots spewing molten steel to create their own rails as they go–carrying themselves...

US Sending Robots to Japan to Help Nuclear Plant

The U.S. government is sending some robotic help to Japan to help regain control of the tsunami-damaged nuclear plant. A top Energy Department official...

Robots Clear Waterways of Deadly Mines

Andrew submitted this link to an AP story about a new technology developed for clearing deadly underwater mines. The ultimate in lifeguards, this...

Leonardo DiCaprio Launches $5 Million Emergency Fund to Help Combat Amazon Rainforest Fires

The Oscar award-winning actor is not the only one helping to combat the Amazon rainforest fires, either.

Scientists Create First-Ever Magnetic Liquid – and Its Movements Are Mesmerizing – ‘We almost couldn’t believe it’

Both inventors of centuries past and scientists of today have found ingenious ways to make our lives better with magnets—from the magnetic needle on...

Jaden Smith Celebrates 21st Birthday By Deploying Vegan Food Truck to Hand Out Free Meals to Homeless

The talented young actor and musician says that the pop-up giveaway will be the first of many on Skid Row and across Los Angeles.

How You and Your Friends May Soon Be Able to Play Video Games Together Using Only Your Minds

A groundbreaking piece of research shows that groups of people can communicate wordlessly by concentrating on the right answer—and they were correct 13 out...

Good News in History, July 4

80 years ago today, Lou Gehrig, afflicted with a fatal disease, stepped to a microphone at New York's Yankee Stadium and announced his retirement from...

Researchers Teleport Information to Be Stored Within a Diamond

Japanese researchers have succeeded in teleporting information on a quantum level – and it has huge implications for the future of technology.

Researchers Have Successfully Made First-Ever Robotic Arm That Can Be Controlled By Your Mind

For the first time ever, researchers have created a robotic arm that can be non-invasively controlled by the user's mind.

Robot Caregivers Could Soon Move Your Plants Around the House So They Get Proper Amount of Sunlight

This adorable little robot caregiver could one day save your household plants from ever dying over a lack of sunlight or water.

Tree-Planting Drones Have Successfully Planted Thousands of Saplings – and They’re About to Plant More

These little robots are resuscitating hundreds of acres of degraded land – and they could soon be deployed to plant many more trees around the world.

‘It’s Not Quite the Ant-Man Suit’ But Researchers Discover How to Shrink Objects to 1000th Their Original Size

Team invents method to shrink objects to the nanoscale It’s not quite the Ant-Man suit, but the system produces 3D structures one thousandth the size...

Good News in History, December 2

On this day 68 years ago, “I, Robot” by the writer and biochemist Isaac Asimov was first published. A collection of science fiction short...

In Historic First, Scientists Have Landed Rovers On an Asteroid and They’re Transmitting Photos

If successful, the space agency will be responsible for the “world's first sample return mission to a C-type asteroid.”

These Aerial Drones Are Supporting Farmers When Bees Are in Short Supply

Robots will never be as good at pollination as honeybees, but with farmers worrying about declining pollinators, these drones can offer a real reprieve.