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Brain Surgery Can’t Stop This 22-Year-old From Spreading Cheer With His ‘Fast And Joyous’ Christmas Car

Despite his devastating neurofibromatosis diagnosis, 22-yo Alex Argiro spreads Christmas cheer with his ‘Fast and Joyous’ Mazda concept car.

Teen Can Return to School After Undergoing Free Surgery to Correct Her Extreme Bow-Leggedness

Valerie can now walk, run, and confidently return to school since a nonprofit team from Mercy Ships has fixed her extremely bowed legs.

Acid Attack Survivor Becomes First UK Citizen to Have Vision Restored With Pioneering New Surgery

After 24 years of being unable to see out of his right eye, James O'Brien's vision has finally been restored thanks to a pioneering new stem cell treatment.

Bedridden for 11 Years, Man Proves the Experts Wrong By Inventing a Surgery to Cure Himself

Doug Lindsay had just entered his senior year at Rockhurst University in Kansas City, Missouri when he came home from his first day of...

Paralyzed Patients Regain the Use of Their Hands Thanks to Breakthrough Nerve Surgery in Australia

New surgical techniques have restored hand fuction for 13 quadriplegics, thanks to an Australian doctor that can relocate nerves.

The Only Way for 4-Year-old to Get Surgery 3,000 Miles Away Was Fully-Equipped RV—And Strangers Sprung for It

When a 4-year-old with fatal heart defects needed to travel 3,000 for new miracle surgery, RV owners at Outdoorsy paid for the entire package.

After Doctor Performed Open Chest Surgery on Roadside, Biker Survives Crash to Walk Daughter Down the Aisle

If this quick-thinking heart surgeon had not been on the scene of John O'Brien's motorcycle collision, then the biker would not have survived the crash.

When Classmate Was Preparing for Heart Surgery, His Entire School Showed Up to Cheer Him On

Before this 9-year-old boy was set to undergo a heart transplant, his entire school took to the streets in order to encourage him before the operation.

Girl Born With Backwards Legs Walks for the First Time Thanks to Strangers Funding ‘Miracle’ Surgery

This 3-year-old girl has been given a new lease on life after strangers raised over $225,000 for her “miracle” surgery.

Hospital Eases the Stress of Surgery for Young Patients By Letting Them Drive Mini-Cars into Operating Room

Rather than wheeling anxious young patients into an operating room on a gurney, this hospital let the kids take the wheel instead.

One of First UK Patients to Undergo This Surgery is 82 Years Old – and He Did It to Walk With His Wife Once More

Neil Shuttleworth is one of the first people in the UK to undergo this ankle surgery – and he did it so he could walk arm-in-arm with his wife once more.

Unborn Baby Treated for Spinal Defect After Being Removed From Mom’s Womb for Surgery, Then Put Back

This pioneering new surgery is treating unborn babies of a spinal defect while they are still in the womb.

Stranger Drives 2,300 Miles So He Can Reunite Beloved Dog With Boy Recovering From Surgery

When an 8-year-old boy recovering from brain surgery expressed how much he missed his dog, a stranger volunteered to make the 2,300-mile journey.

Man Given Second Chance at Life After Brain Tumor Vanishes Without Surgery or Explanation

Doctors might not be able to figure out why Paul Wood's tumor disappeared, but he believes that he already knows the answer.

Hundreds of People Are Being Cured of Blindness Every Day With Cheap, Minutes-Long Surgery

There are millions of blind people around the world who are unable to see the gorgeous world before them – but this organization is...

Starbucks Barista Hailed as ‘Hero’ After Student’s Photoshoot Gets Rained Out Before Major Surgery

When abysmal weather conditions ruined a student's senior photoshoot, a local barista went above and beyond the call of duty to save the day. Sydney...

When Girl Can’t Attend Katy Perry Concert Because of Brain Surgery, the Pop Star Visits Her House Instead

Just because Katy Perry is famous doesn't mean that she can't make time to surprise a sick little girl.

Baby Born With Heart Outside of Her Chest is Thriving After Surgery

After being delivered prematurely by C-section and surviving three different operations, this baby has become the first infant in the UK to survive being...

Physician Invents Reconstructive Surgery For Female Genital Mutilation

There is new hope for the hundreds of millions of women worldwide who have been subjected to genital mutilation. A surgeon in Penn Medicine's Center...

She Barely Made Flight For Son’s Surgery Thanks to Noble Baggage Handler

Karma came back around for this philanthropic traveling mother when a baggage handler made sure she got on her flight home just in the nick of time.