Shop Owner Sets Up “Take One, Leave One” Coat Rack for Homeless

Shop Owner Sets Up “Take One, Leave One” Coat Rack for Homeless

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This compassionate shop owner wears her heart on her sleeve –and on her banner outside the store reading: “Are you cold? Take one… Do you want to help? Leave one.”

The Taco Stop owner, Emilia Flores, isn’t talking about tacos or beer, but free coats, hats, and scarves for those dealing with the recent freezing temperatures in Dallas, Texas.

For the second year in a row, Flores wanted to help people in need by providing an outdoor coat rack for anyone – homeless or not – in need of a coat.

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“This is a way of people not being embarrassed about asking,” Flores told WFAA. “They just come and pick what they need and leave.”

In spite of the coat rack being stolen four times last year, Flores and her customers are not going to stop helping those in need. In fact, the installation has become an inspiration to others in the area, including the nearby Noble Rey Brewing which set up their own outdoor coat rack.

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