Upon looking at this month’s most popular musical singles chart in the UK, it may seem like it is dominated by pop stars and hip hop artists – but there is now a new kind of singer that is rising to the top.

A song called “Let Nature Sing” is currently ranked as the 11th most popular musical single – and it is a track that is made up entirely of bird sounds.

The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds released the track last month as a means of raising awareness for vulnerable bird species.

The soothing soundscape consists of 25 different bird calls, hoots, and hollers. From blackbirds and woodpeckers to warblers and robins, all of the birds featured on the track are endangered in the UK.

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“The response to ‘Let Nature Sing’ sends a powerful message that yes, nature is amazing, but it is also in trouble,” said Martin Harper, the RSPB’s director of conservation.

“The good news is that it is not too late, we know what needs to be done and together we can take action to restore it for us and for future generations,” he added.

If you want to help “Let Nature Sing” reach #10 on the UK charts before the month is over, you can buy or stream the song from the society’s website.

(WATCH the magical little music video below) – Photo by The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds

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