While Hurricane Irma may be about to wreak havoc on the homes and properties of Florida and surrounding states, the storm has also provided a reason for people to come together in meaningful ways.

One such scene unfolded in front of a TV news reporter who captured the moment on her phone.

Pam Brekke had traveled almost 30 miles to buy one of the 200 generators just shipped to the hardware store in Orlando, Florida yesterday in preparation for expected power outages.

Pam was next in line at the Lowe’s store to purchase one of the gas-powered generators when she was told that the final unit went to the customer standing in front of her in line. She broke down in tears.

For medical reasons, her father relies on an oxygen pump that requires electrical power. Suddenly, a total stranger, Ramon Santiago, saw her crying, and walked over to insist that she take his.

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She pulled the generous man into an embrace and cried even more, as Ramon soothed her.

That’s when WFTV’s Nancy Alvarez pulled out her phone and captured the moment. The touching video spread on social media and Alvarez and Lowe’s got together to plan a reward for Santiago. Today the store presented him with a new generator.

(WATCH the moment below or see the full story at Channel 9)

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