Helping Stutterers Find Their Voice – In the Arts (Video)

Helping Stutterers Find Their Voice – In the Arts (Video)

stutterer-singer.jpg By giving kids who stutter acting and singing lessons, The New York theater group, Our Time, has given them a forum where they’re freed of their affliction.

Taro Alexander, the founder of Our Time and stutterer himself, talks (in the second video) about the profound impact the program has made in kids’ lives.

Watch the Making a Difference video below, or at MSNBC Videos







  1. this is fabulous. as a fellow “stutterer” i totally understand the frustrations that most people don’t realize how difficult it is to grow up unable to speak easily due to stuttering. a lot of people try to help by talking for you, but that always makes it worse. my stuttering made me feel insecure which only made it more stressful. it’s great that this man has touched and helped so many people. i hope the public can understand how much this means to those of us who are intelligent, but unable to speak smoothly.
    Many thanks! Keep up the great work.