Dentist Gives Kids Something to Smile About

Dentist Gives Kids Something to Smile About

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dentist-leads-kids-clinics.jpgA dentist is organizing free dental care around the country for kids whose families don’t have insurance.

Team Smile holds giant clinics with a half million dollars of donated equipment serving dozens of dental volunteers who work amidst a lot noise and fun to help the kids — more than 4,000 so far.

Many of the kids would otherwise end up in hospital emergency rooms, with complications from infections.

Watch the Making a Difference video below, or at MSNBC





  1. What a great story- my wonderful Grandpa is a dentist, and it really is such important work- God bless everyone involved with this story, as well as my grandpa, grandma, mom, dad, and all my family friends, Brad, and everyone we all care about:-)