A returning Peace Corps volunteer, Amanda Reid, was so inspired by experiencing other cultures up close that she devised a way to give back to the villagers while also teaching others about their unique ways of life.

She created cool little DIY art projects for kids and adults and calls them Passport Craft kits. They feature high-quality sustainable materials, a guide booklet to that country’s culture, and a ‘passport’ for collecting stamps from the different countries.

Amanda called her social benefit company, Tingomo (‘tin’, Nepali for three, and ‘gomo’, part of a Zulu word for goals). Based in L.A. and Vermont, Tingomo’s “three goals” are: promote creativity, share world cultures, and care for people and the planet.

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For each kit sold, Tingomo makes a donation to a non-profit in that country to support local artisans, families, and girls who want to go to school.

Her Nepal Paper Lantern kits, for instance, use handmade, fair trade Lokta paper from Nepal, and each kit generates a donation to Maiti Nepal, a group that is working to end trafficking and gives opportunities to every rescued girl.

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The family company is also socially-responsible, using Earth-friendly materials with 100% recycled paper and cardboard packaging, and zero single-use plastics.

Traditional crafts from around the world will allow you to:

• Create your own Mexican fiesta flags
• Paint a Swedish wooden horse toy
• Make a tile mosaic coaster from Morocco, and more…

Amanda is offering GNN readers an exclusive 10% discount when they click this link. Prices for single products range from $11-$35. She also offers annual subscriptions that will deliver a different craft each quarter.

Fun for boys and girls—and adults—each Passport Kit allows us to discover the world and feel the pride of creating something by hand, while giving back to people less fortunate.

(Meet Amanda in the video below)

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