Whole Foods Is Mothering A Goose in its Parking Lot

Whole Foods Is Mothering A Goose in its Parking Lot

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A Whole Foods in Littleton, Colorado is giving people another good reason to waddle down their aisles.

After noticing a pair of geese hovering around the same isle of grass out in their parking lot for a few days, store employees kept watch and, sure enough, three eggs were laid.

They called wildlife authorities who told them it was not wise to move the mother fowl. Instead, they became the ultimate babysitters of the Canada Goose brood.

They erected a barricade with yellow tape and posted signs to deter anyone from feeding or approaching the area.

WATCHGoose Hails A Police Officer To Rescue its Baby Tangled in String

They even installed a kiddie pool, adding fresh water each day for swimming or drinking.

Tony Nemec, the store’s team leader is pretty excited to see the goslings finally hatched, which should be around the fifth day of May.

“We’re hoping they’ll be safe. We have the police and animal control on call, so if she needs to cross Wadsworth with her little ones, they’ll guide her through,” Nemec told WCSH News.

(WATCH the short video below)

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