Photo by Sun StarA seeming misfortune (being laid off) turned into an opportunity for one woman to regain the sense of community she had lost after her children grew up and her job had taken her away from regular contact with neighbors.

She turned to a Yahoo group – SGVC Yahoo Group (San Geronimo Valley Community) as a resource for borrowing a portable crib for her granddaughter’s visit, giving away a typewriter, advertising a room for rent. She even offered advice on local wildlife.

“The group began to break through that illusion of deprivation and isolation and began to restore my sense of being connected to my community.”

(READ the blog post in Ode magazine)

Why not start a community group of your own and advertise it around the neighborhood with flyers. Yahoo Groups is a free service and the only thing people will need to join your group is an email address.

Photo by Sun Star

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