Imagine if there were an easier way to get to know someone better – or to make breakthroughs in authentic, heartfelt connection.

Meet Cards to the Heart.

In a world where intimate relationships often begin in a swipe left/right situation, and friends hesitate to discuss “heavier” topics, Cards to the Heart is an ideal game for helping others bring their walls down and open up their hearts to one another.

Created by Dom Scott, the cards were originally designed as a fun game to help him get to know his partner better.

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Each of the 54 cards has an engaging question that’s meant to spark a conversation. Rather than the standard “Tell me about the first time you did X” questions, these cards delve a bit deeper: about topics that inspire us, that scare us, that bring us joy. They also all feature an original painting by Toronto artist Natasha Kudashkina.

Scott and his partner had such a great time discussing the questions, they started printing small batches to give to friends as gifts. Then, the recipients asked how they could get copies of the deck to give to their own friends… and then, demand for them just exploded.

They’re not just for romantic relationships either—the questions are perfect for getting to know new friends. Since people are constantly growing and evolving, the cards can be used over and over again, even amongst the same people.

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Scott’s Kickstarter campaign for the cards’ production has already raised over half of its $9,500 goal. By spreading the word, he hopes to help more people enjoy meaningful, authentic connections with friends and loved ones.

By carrying these in your pocket, you can rest assured you’ll never be short of a good conversation again.

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