Fashion has always been challenging for Sheila Carter. Like other color-blind people, she limits her wardrobe to hues like blue and black that can be easily mixed and matched.

But a new pair of high-tech eyewear made by EnChroma, a Berkeley, California startup, has changed her worldview.

“Sunsets are amazing,” said the 60-year-old who can now see the full spectrum of the rainbow.

”This morning has been amazing and overwhelming,” wrote Ray D. of Arizona in a testimonial posted on EnChroma’s website. “I was able to look into my wife’s eyes and see the many shades of green and brown – something I cannot think about even now without getting emotional.”

Color also is important for safety because it conveys warning messages on painted street curbs, road signs and traffic lights while driving.

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WATCH the videos sent by users to EnChroma showing their emotional reactions to seeing colors accurately for the first time.

ALSO, WATCH this ABC news report from 2013. Note, that since this report, prices for the glasses, which are made in the USA, have come down below $300.

Story tip from Mike McGinley