books with kittenContinuing the celebration of Ten Years of Good News and in a 10-day countdown to our 10th Anniversary on August 31, I am giving away 10 books over the next 10 days to lucky winners from around the world. Each day, from August 21 through August 30 (New York time), I will be posting the details of a different book on the Web site. To win, all you need to do is be the first to leave a comment for me, and the book is yours! I will post these opportunities during all times of the day and night to give our international viewers an even shot at winning. Eight of the books are pictured to the right (being inspected by our Director of a-mews-ment). Watch the Web site tomorrow for your chance to win… Just another reason to value the Good News Network. It’s Seriously Good.


  1. Oh, Ross, you are in for a treat.

    As I say in my essay, WHY GOOD NEWS?, “I?ve experienced less sickness, less misfortune, less loss, less failure, less crime, less fear and futility, while attracting more of all their opposites.” Every thought is a prayer and we get what we ‘pray’ for.

    Welcome to the good life!

    The essay is here, linked from the About Us page

  2. Speaking of books.

    If you have books you would like to donate to low-income Native American children check out the following message and link from Ms Anisah David – a Muslim who is coordinating the annual Crow Creek Humanitarian Day effort on Sept. 30, 2007.

    Crow Creek in South Dakota is one of the most poverty stricten reservations of the Lakota Tribe – the Great Sioux Nation:
    Ms Anisah David writes:

    Check out our humanitarian day page & click on the “donate a book.”

    Its cheap & it helps the kids!

    We are needing the help of many more people so that we can give one book to each of the 1000 children at Crow Creek.

    So far we have 20 books, so please help! It costs less than a pizza to help a kid in need!

    Please pass the word to others so we can meet the minimal goal of one book per child.

    Salaam, Anisah

  3. Greg, Sounds like a great program. Let’s feature that on the front page!

    I wanted to list some of the books I will be giving away:

    1) Eyes on the Prize
    2) Questions to Bring You Closer to Dad
    3) Parables for Life in the 21st Century
    4) Talking Money
    5) You don’t Have to Be Rich
    6) Brothers (A look at the Kennedy Brothers)
    7) Take 10: How to Achieve Your Dreams in Just 10 Minutes a Day
    8) Secrets of Podcasting

    See you tomorrow with the first offering…

  4. GNN newsletter is the most eagerly awaited email for me. Its a small gift with enormous value that I look forward to receiving regulary. Its provided me with enough reasons to view the world and its people more positively. Good does exist, its just that we all seem to have been conditioned to not looking for it anymore. A heartfelt thanks to Geri and her team for all theirr efforts.

  5. The GNN site is the first one I open so that I can read all the good news. It’s amazing how it affects the dayin a positive way! Now it’s a habit to look for good news instead of bad.
    All thanks goes to you and your team, Geri.

  6. I just want to state that I’m not doing the Humanitarian Day project because I’m Muslim. I’m doing it because I’m a South Dakotan; and a socially conscience American. I see daily the ways the Indigenous people in our area are marginalized & I also know far too well how the Foundations across the country & philanthropy organizations don’t provide grants to the state. It makes the 9 reservations here have few opportunities to dig out of the hole that they were placed in. I want to see that change. We can’t hold ourselves up to the world as Moral examples of human rights, if we treat our indigenous populations no better than China! When the Richest nation in the world has an entire indigenous population at the economic level of Haiti, something is wrong! So when I was asked to coordinate the project, I couldn’t say no. Any help by others who have a love of books & of social justice, in this project, would be greatly appreciated. We were all shocked to see the economic devestation of the Katrina hurricane & many mobilized afterwards. But the Crow Creek live in that state of economic devestation all the time. They need us to help them in building the infastructure so they can get beyond the various barriers that have been placed on them to prevent progress.

  7. For some time everytime I open a news website I’ve wished for a site that only deals with the “good” news in the world. In this world full of light, it is not hard to fill up terabytes of stories about the world smilling at itself.
    Thank you.

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