bookprizesYesterday I announced a contest to see who would be our 500th registered user. The response produced a steady stream of new members leading to a six percent increase in our community membership! Congratulations to Thom Becker, Susan Garren, and A. Ringstad who pushed us over the 500 mark to win our prizes. The book titles that Thom and the other winners will choose from include…

  • The Light of Conscience: How a Simple Act Can Change Your Life, by my friend Billy Shore, Author of the Cathedral Within and Founder of SOS, Share Our Strength
  • If You Had Five Minutes with the President, an entertaining book that asks 55 different celebrities and personalities — from the entire political spectrum — what they would say to to our current president if they had just 5 minutes of his time
  • The 2% Solution: Fixing America’s Problems in Ways Liberals and Conservatives Can Love, by Matthew Miller, Columnist, NPR Commentator, and Host of the radio program, "Left, Right and Center"

I would like to hear first from Thom, since he was number 500, which book he would prefer. Susan will choose from the remaining two books, and A. receive the third. If they aren’t interested in any of the books they can offer them to other readers by posing a comment here in the Comments section.

Congratulations again to our new member! Announce to your friends and office mates, the upcoming contest. We are only 20 members away from giving away three new books. See formal announcement and book prizes tomorrow.

Be happy,

Good news abounds.


  1. Wow, what a pleasent suprise!
    Hi Geri,
    I just got back into town (that’s Seattle for me) from Arkansas and what a nice surprise to find your email. Apologies to everyone for not posting sooner, I hope it’s not been to excruciating a wait.

    I’ve been reading GNNi for about a year or so now and I find that an extra burst of positivity every day has really made me a stronger person. In the last five years I have gone from being someone who was very depressed at the state of the world to feeling that I can genuinely make a difference in it. I’m much happier these days and I feel physically healthier too. I have no doubt that a significant factor has been my near abandonment of the mainstream media. Now I try to listen to NPR and the BBC world service once a week – enough to stay current – and the rest of the week look for nothing but good news, principally here on the Good News Network. This really is one of the best things on the Internet.


    So onto which book I’d like then. Well after careful examination of the titles
    I think I’d like The 2% Solution”. Above all I try to be a pragmatist and I think this book will provide me with material that may make a difference winning others over to the Idea that they can make a difference too.

    Thanks so much for this excellent sit and keep up the good work

  2. Thanks!!!
    Thank you **so much** for your kindness. I prefer The Light of Conscience” book.

    I agree with Thom….reading positive news every day feels good. It also helps me to remember that this world is full of kindness and encourages to be kind as well.

    Thank you for providing such a wonderful service.”

  3. I’m so happy for the winners!
    Susan and A.,

    Don’t forget to send your mailing addresses so I can send the books.

    Hope we can survive the summer with all the heat and all of the war-coverage.


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