Editor’s Blog — I am back at my desk after a week’s holiday. I wanted to post this 9/11 notice yesterday but was traveling. For your free download of the September 11 Commemorative edition of Some Good News! that you can print out and share, please see the Links and Resources page (in the left column) or download the PDF now — eight pages filled with stories of compassion and kindness in the aftermath of 9/11. The newsletter, Some Good News!, was published from 1997-2003.


  1. I read this whole newsletter and just cried. If that kind of compassion and spirit was available 24/7 what kind of world could we have? Thanks for having this web site. I hardly ever watch the regular news, because its just so depressing. This is a wonderful place for me to visit daily and get my faith restored in not just mankind, but to remind myself that in my small world I too can begin to make a differance.

  2. Thanks for saying so, jamary…

    I remember looking strangers in the eyes in the days following and them looking back with smiles. We were all sooooo connected, it was eerie. (in a lovely way, in a way that tells you THIS is different… and yea, wouldn’t it be great if we all felt connected EVERY day…)

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