America’s 1.8 million World War II veterans, now in their 80’s and 90’s, are dying at the rate of 1,500 a day, but 150,000 of them came together with their families in Washington, D.C., to witness the dedication of the WW II Memorial in 2004. Tune in this weekend as PBS airs a beautiful film that follows a group of these vets, from Air Group 16, who have been meeting as friends for 40 years to reminisce about their experiences and remember their fallen comrades. Through stunning archival footage, period music and dramatic first-person accounts, experience their final reunion during this last great gathering of World War II vets. Poignant, verité cinematography captures the bittersweet moments as Air Group 16 celebrates together, for what will be the last time… (Click Read more to see an amazing VIDEO clip)

Air Group 16 consists of the pilots, radiomen and gunners who served on the aircraft carrier U.S.S. Lexington in the Pacific in World War II. The 30 minute documentary film, by Dresher Films, AIR GROUP 16: WE CAME TO REMEMBER, airs this weekend on PBS. Find your local station here and check their schedule.

Today the film’s producer, Hugh Drescher, shares with the Good News Network this 5-minute highlight reel portraying that day when vets 150,00 came together. He told me he used this reel to try to raise funds for making the film that airs on PBS this Memorial Day. He ended up mostly funding it himself, my husband told me. We are grateful he did. I hope you will Tivo the show, AIR GROUP 16: WE CAME TO REMEMBER, tell your friends, and appreciate this work by Drescher Films. (Ignore the Bush picture you see below. His short comment at the dedication is a tiny piece of this moving clip)

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