MohammeD_BuQuRais-Dreamy_imaginationWhen we go to sleep, dreams are a vehicle for bringing us messages that can help make us more successful or alert us to a problem.

But our dreams should not be interpreted as having a literal meaning. So how do we know what they mean? Ask an expert.

The School of Metaphysics is holding its 26th annual Dream Hotline at 15 branches throughout the midwest this weekend. The service is offered on the last weekend of April and ends tonight at midnight (Central Time). Call the headquarters at 417-345-8411 or Midwestern branches listed below.

If you miss out on this weekend’s opportunity to get a free dream interpretation, you can submit your dream on their website,

“The School’s dreamwork is vast,” said Christine Madar, a teacher and dream specialist who is based at their world headquarters and campus in Windyville, Missouri. “We have even initiated worldwide lucid dream studies, but we’re most famous for our annual hotline.”

“We’ve seen over the last ten years how the media and technology have changed the pictures of our dreams,” said the 46 year old educator. “Vampires in a dream indicated something totally different 20 years ago.”

Metaphysics is the study of the non-physical mind. The School’s website says that dream interpretation is the “Universal Language of Mind” and is so important that it is taught to every student at the School of Metaphysics.

WATCH the video below or visit — or read more on for dream research.

Photo credit: MohammeD BuQuRais via Flickr, CC license

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