moneyIn June, I attended a four-day workshop with success coach David Neagle in Las Vegas. It was powerful! I wanted to rid myself of all those limiting beliefs that were holding me back from the success I’ve always wanted. I first heard him speak on a free, live tele-seminar called The Art of Success. Now he is offering free downloads of The Art of Success. Are you ready to rise up to the next level in your life? Here’s what you will learn…

On the call David described his own journey from fork-lift driver to millionaire success coach as well as the principles that took him to levels he never dreamed possible as a high school dropout. With his complimentary Art of Success series, you will learn:

  • The one thing that you MUST change if you want success without struggle
  • The only two things that prevent success and how to change them
  • Why money is important and how to attract all you want
  • How to increase sales, prospects and recruiting
  • The three keys to extraordinary confidence

Learn how to achieve a higher level of success now by downloading your own copy of "Art of Success" or ordering your free CDs. Click on the free tele-seminar link at his Web site… and, get ready to be challenged and inspired.

"True success is about what you must BE in order to attract everything you require to live the life you have always dreamed of living." — David Neagle


  1. As a fellow motivational speaker, I can say that David Neagle has good stuff. Sometimes it is the simple stuff, right in front of us that holds us back. For instance, here is a One Minute Motivator of mine that talks to clearing the way for good things to happen:
    “Eliminate the daily ?darnits? in your life. We all have petty annoyances in our life that we run into over and over, because we don?t think they are important enough to attend to right now. It could be something with our car, our computer, our phone, whatever, but it is small, and it keeps annoying you. This small annoyances take their toll over time and drain energy from your other projects. Take steps to fix the problem now, it is not going to get better and you need to fix it sooner or later, so turn that daily ?darnit? into a space where a pleasant thought can live.”

    OK, thanks Geri, keep the good information coming, Ed Smith

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