Rescue workers on the scene were brought nearly to tears recounting the moment that they found an infant, who was ejected during a car crash, safe in a storm drain 25-feet away.

The baby, whose family also survived the crash, was found inside the drain, surrounded by hay, reaching up to rescuers with only a scratch on her forehead.

The Arkansas family, traveling during the Thanksgiving holiday, reside in a town called Hope.

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“So many times, we go out and things aren’t OK…and just during the holidays, here, to have a positive just feels good,” Texarkana Fire Capt. Charlie Smith told KSLA.

(WATCH the video below from KSLA)

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  1. If the child was not strapped in properly, and the car seat was not restrained properly, the negligence of the parents is a criminal matter and SHOULD BE PUNISHED!!! The end could have been very bad, and they need to pay for it!

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