Best Deodorant in the worldMargaux Traboulsee never intended for her homemade deodorant to become a full-blown business. Traboulsee and her husband Josh were simply trying to find a chemical-free deodorant. When they couldn’t find an effective product, they made one themselves.

Traboulsee says the original recipe was simple: some coconut oil, baking soda and essential oils. The ingredients have since evolved into a mixture that the Traboulsee’s friends and relatives couldn’t get enough of.

The Best Deodorant in the World‘ was born.

The couple’s mission is two-fold:
1) To replace all the toxic deodorants of the world.
2) To replace all the so-called ‘natural’ deodorants of the world.

They are giving away free jars of deodorant (if you pay a nominal shipping charge) on their Facebook Page until March 31, 2014.

(WATCH a company video below, and READ the article from the CBC)

Thanks to Craig Withers for submitting the link!

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