Before 2013, fine art photography was off limits to me. I couldn’t see in a darkroom, much less the settings on a camera, so I was resigned to taking family snapshots on disposable cameras.

But a simple point-and-shoot camera and a 47-inch computer monitor and a little courage changed all of that.

I realized photos didn’t have to be perfect to be interesting–or artistic.




Sometimes I am asked, “How can you take pictures if you’re legally blind?”

Well, my camera sees for me. Although I love color, I prefer black and white because I see best in high contrast. The world around me is very blurry, and I use my residual vision to work as a photographer. I can see the blurry shape of a subject, and the camera captures what I can’t see while my monitor makes a face or a rose two feet tall, which is easier for me to make out.

side of a mountain

In the last 2 years, my photography has been published in literary journals, art magazines, and photography publications around the world.

Aquarium bottom

I want to show the world the fine art photographer that I am, and what is possible when you meet a challenge in a different way.


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